Permanent Collection

*Permanent Collection: As the title implies, these perfume oils are created with the intent of perpetual availability. PC perfume oils are made in-house and stored in larger Master bottles. As a rare exception, a PC perfume may contain a component that we can no longer create or attain, and if reformulation would compromise the original recipe, a PC may be discontinued. Each PC perfume is available in 2 mL sample vials or 5 mL **amber bottles. The perfume will remain in the Permanent Collection as long as the components are available within the blend to create in our Studio. We will be changing all PC bottles to a new slender blue bottle beginning in 2024 in alphabetical order to the collection, starting with All Hallows' Eve alphabettically through the Permanent Collection through the year 2025 if not earlier. Each Collection will continue to expand; there is no eta on new perfume debuts in the PC. We do update our Facebook page and Thoth's Scroll for recent updates.