Anubis Garden

Anubis Garden
A reverent new Permanent Collection that will continue to expand with new perfumes created by House of NA perfume designers Jacek Rose, Bastet, and Emerson Hart.  Our perfume methods include essential oils and spice, wood resin, incense resin, floral steam distillation, enfleurage, extraction, vegan accords, and CO2 methods.  The perfume oils are made in-house and ready to wear.  If you are sensitive to spice or specific notes, please review the perfume notes carefully and avoid purchasing perfumes with spice or specific notes. 
Choose from 2mL vial and 5mL Slender blue bottle in the drop-down.  Slender blue 5ml has an insert dropper and a shiny gold-tone screw lid


NEW Black Vine & Incense - Studio Limited Originals; Moonstone & Bourbon Vanille set on a backdrop of Tonka Bean Absolute, Black Vanilla Bean and Marshmallow accord with Star Anise Essential Oil and Licorice Root Accord and touches of Incense, Studio Limited Originals Kashmir, and NA Black Honey Accord

NEW The Black Forest – Balsam Fir accord, Pine Forest accord, Red Pine, Pine infused Agarwood, Siam Wood, Galbanum, Balsam of Peru, Labdanum, Black Amber accord, Black Myrrh, Pink Pepper, Benzoin, Atlas Cedarwood, Moss accord, a drop of Vanilla Absolute and Bastet’s Musk Absolute. *Note that temperature flux may affect perfume opacity, but this will not affect the scent performance.

Black Oak Currant & Kashmir – New Zealand Dried Black Currant, Red Musk (Kashmir) Absolute, White Musk, Black Oak essence, Benzoin resin, Amber accord, Black Cardamom, Japanese Plum seed and Oudh essence

Black Patchouli & Spice – Black Patchouli, Blackened Carnation, Spice of Pimento (allspice) Berry Oil, Nutmeg, Clary Sage, Black Pepper essence, and Green Cardamom

Black Rose & Clove – Black Rose petals, Bulgarian Rose Absolute, Saffron, Ambergris accord, Centifolia Rose essence, Oudh essence, Red Musk, Skin Musk and Indian Clove Bud and Moroccan Clove stem

Desert Fig & Ambre Noir – Ripe Desert Fig, Blackened Fig skin, Vietnamese Agarwood, Amber accord, White Patchouli, Red Musk, Desert Myrrh infused Musk, Amber resin accord, Desert Nevada Rock Rose, Frankincense and bruised Violet petal essence

Lavender & Leather – French Lavender, Blue Lavender Bud, Leather accord, Suede accord, Birch, Amber Musk, Labdanum, Sweet Balsam and Benzoin resin

Vetiver & Woods –  Indian Vetiver, Persian Galbanum, NA Bourbon Sandalwood Absolute, Indian Sandalwood, Japanese Hinoki Wood, Australian Blue Cypress and White Musk