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Welcome to Nocturne Alchemy.  Current FALL ship time is 5-10 business days (not including holiday, weekends, Studio Closure, Asteroids, Alien invasion or awakened flesh eating scarabs). We are closed on holidays and weekends.  Please take weekend closed into consideration and/or holidays or scheduled time off (see NEWS for Studio Closure times/breaks).
    US Domestic free USPS Priority Mail shipping on an individual order over $325 (this will appear in the cart as FREE after you have filled in your address and have chosen shipping method), not including shipping.  Not to be combined with multiple orders or add-ons. 
        Canada free USPS International Priority Mail shipping on orders over $400
            Rest of the world free USPS International Priority Mail shipping on orders over $500

              USPS Priority Mail Shipping/International Flat Rate Shipping 2019 PRICES

              Domestic United States - Flat Rate USPS Priority Mail $7.90 or Signature Required at $10.95

              We've added **Signature Required** at check out. You'll see a 2nd option at the check out page for US Domestic; Priority Mail and Priority Mail **Signature Required**. If you are worried about something not arriving or need someone to sign for it if you are not home.  This option is for domestic US only at this time.

              Canada International Priority Mail - $25.85

              Rest of the world International Priority Mail - $36.70

              Because we only use this method of shipping, please check your Paypal account for the correct shipping as well as using this site when filling in the address field at checkout.  We never purchase new packing peanuts and recycle all pink, green and corn starch peanuts back into your packages that come into the Studio.  We ask that you also do the same.  It's better for the environment.  The Earth thanks you.

              If an order has been lost or misplaced by the USPS, please speak to a Manager at your local USPS and fill out an investigation or lost report also follow the tracking provided in your original order receipt email.  Go to the USPS tracking and fill out all applicable spots to assist in finding your order (fill out Proof Of Delivery, Text & Email updates and anything else applicable the USPS Manager asks for).  If forms are not filled out this will void your participation in receiving a replacement or refund.  Please remain in contact with the NA CS before, during and after investigation is completed.  We may also ask for the report order # so that we keep this on file.  10 out of 10 times, the order is found and may have simply be routed in a different direction.

              International USPS orders will state 'book' of non-alcohol fragrance oil(s) on customs as we ship in bubble wrap, in a book sized postal box and then in the plastic envelopes for extra safety precautions in the trip from us to you.

              This is an online store with online support.



              Please allow 24-48 hours for a reply but we'll make all attempts to reply as soon as we possible can.  Emails sent on weekend will receive a reply 24-48 hours into the next week.  Thank you for your patience.

              If you are a licensed retail business and would like to wholesale from us, please contact us directly about wholesale pricing and licensing at the email above.



              Nocturne Alchemy

              PO Box 6301

              Alameda, CA  94501


              Hours of Operation:

              Monday - Friday 9-5pm PST

              CLOSED Saturday and Sunday and on Holidays.



              • Do to Government regulation, ISIS will not appear in your item order, instead 'Goddess' will appear.  Your perfume label will remain the original name, this is simply for regulation guidelines, unfortunately.  The Goddess doesn't mind this abbreviation.
              • We reserve the right to Decline orders or withdraw service as applicable.
              • NEW ADD-ON RULES* How do I add items if I've already paid for my order? Contact NA Customer Service (Heath) at: to add perfumes rather than placing a second order through the site.  FOR new Limited Collections the cut off time is the following Monday at 5pm Pacific.  We will do our best to reply to your initial inquiry when payment has been received (except when the Studio is closed) and if you do not receive an email of confirmation from us, it is possible the payment did not process and we never received it, so do email NA Customer Service again just in case. In the email, provide us the following pertinent information.  PLEASE NOTE we go by written record of your request via email, do not add-on at Paypal more than your initial email request as you will not receive those without emailing us the add-on(s).
              1. The list of the perfumes you're wanting to add on
              2. Your order number
              3. Total dollar amount for the add-on (only include the purchase price for added items, no need for shipping because these will ship with initial order). We only ask you do this first so that we can check stock availability for items.  In some cases, your order may already be packed up and/or shipped and this would be the only exclusion other than not in stock.
              4. We cannot manually change the original order receipt but you will receive the add-on's so do not worry if you do not see it on the invoice once we have your order ready.  The email is the original order only but any add-ons will be included.
              5. PLEASE do not add more perfumes as add-ons in your payments without telling us.  Sending paypal payment without an email confirmation from NA before hand will be immediately refunded. Additional items you add to the add-on payment without telling us will not be honored.  IE: I would like to add on 1 x 5ml of Eternal Ankh.  We reply with the amount. Then go and pay for 3 and not tell us...  We type in your add-ons in the order notes based on your EMAIL request.  PLEASE pay only for your initial email requested perfumes as add-on after we have ok'd this.  If wanting to add more, please contact us BEFORE paying as these may not be available and it does make our inventory more difficult to maintain and we need to retain a email request from the customer.
              6. How do I pay for it?  Directly through Paypal with the payment address  Heath, Thoth or Freja provide upon your initial request for add-on from our email reply.  Instructions will be included in that initial reply from us email.
              7. REMEMBER NEW Add-ons Rules we will only now add-on from Update day through the following Monday at 5pm PST NA Studio Closing Time.  Anything after this will not be accepted and you'll have to place an additional order.  Please pay on time, if payment is not received for any reason by this time the add-on request will not be honored.
              8. Has nothing to do with add-ons but if you're reading this, we've asked you to stop by and have a read: please take a photo of the shipping box, bottle(s) and any problems with your order.  We need this for our records.  Please send photo(s) to  Thank you!
              • Nocturne Alchemy are perfume oils without alcohol and are phthalate and phthalate ester free.  Our perfumes are concentrated in 5 mL amber dropper bottle (only the Permanent Collection comes in three sizes: 2 mL sample vial, 5 mL amber dropper bottle and 10 mL amber bottle/some Studio Limited come in 10ml where noted).  Keep out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources for prolonged shelf-life.  NA uses only the finest ingredients for these perfume oils.  Essential oils and extracts are always to be kept out of direct sunlight and stored in a cool area.  The dark amber bottles provide wonderful protection from sunlight and stored when not in use out of direct sunlight.  We are a vegan and cruelty-free company; our perfume does not contain any animal product. Softer notes, accords and absolutes like musk and vanilla and softer florals: please allow up to a week once perfume has been received to allow proper molecular scent to smell the way it was intended.
              • We hand pour each perfume for every order, it is not manufactured and for this it takes time to create orders and ship. We are not a huge corporation; perfume is delicate and because of this the turnaround time is approximately 5-10 business days (expect a longer turnaround for International packages and during holidays).  We ship domestic US via USPS Priority Mail with tracking and International USPS Priority Mail and offer free shipping *see above. We are closed on the weekend, Saturday & Sunday are not included in our turnaround time.  Because perfume is a cosmetic product, we do not offer refunds or exchanges for our product; it is advisable to try the 2 mL samples where applicable, before purchasing the the 5 mL or 10 mL amber bottles until you get a feel for our precious oils.
              • When receiving Nocturne Alchemy packages in the mail, allow perfume to adjust from travel and changes in temperature, one to two days and perfume will be ready to wear. Climate change during travel can give perfume oil 'travel shock' and it is ideal to allow perfume to rest after the journey to you between 24-48 hours and sometimes up to a week for certain softer scents.  Please skin test after a few days or a week.  Our perfumes are created in house and place in Master bottles and do not go through any other procedures after being blended by the perfumer.  We fill the 2ml, 5ml and 10ml bottles for you direct from the Master Bottle only.
              • What happens to the remaining perfumes once a Limited Collection leaves the site?  The LC are up around 5-6 weeks.  They are made by hand per bottle up until the cut off time.  After this time there are no more.  We do not keep back stock for this reason.  They may (but we cannot promise), return as a Resurgence and we cannot tell you in advance if they will return at all.  We want to focus on the current and upcoming Limited Collections; once a particular LC comes down, they may never return and we do not and will not make more until a possible resurgence. 
              • Can you tell me what the upcoming Limited Collection will include?  No.  We want it to remain a surprise until the day of release.  There are no exceptions.
              • We are not on Amazon or Etsy or Ebay at this time.  Our perfumes are solely sold here on this site and where Exclusives apply.  Links can be found on the home page near the bottom.  Exclusives can only be purchased with these companies.
              • When receiving your order please allow them to come to room temperature as the true scent they were created in is San Francisco temperature and while some states and countries have weather in the higher heat index, SF weather is typically 60-75 all year round.  Test a drop of oil on a napkin/serviette and allow the opening scent to breathe and then inhale.  Always store your perfume upright to prevent any spills.  Make sure there is no oil on the bottle if placing near or on wood and plastic surfaces as essential oil can eat through varnish.  After applying perfume, lightly wipe the lip of the dropper before returning screwing the lid back on to prevent any spilling.  Keep in a dark and cool place with very little humidity.  Using a pack of Silica Gel Desiccant is great to have in your storage if your area is high in humidity.  This is simply to protect the air within the storage around your perfume as a protectant from moisture.  You can find these on Amazon.  Please keep these and perfume away from small children and pets and always read the instructions and precautions.  We use them in our perfume bookcases to protect from moisture.
              • Go outdoors or inhale some fresh coffee beans if you are feeling like you cannot smell the perfume.  This will aid in cleansing the olfactory.  A steam bath or shower is also a great way to improve olfactory cleanse before applying perfume. 
              • Before opening or applying your perfume, please get into a good habit of holding the bottle to a light source and moving the bottle around slightly to look at the viscosity of the perfume oil.  This will help with being careful when applying from the dropper.  More viscous oil like Temple NA vs a thinner oil like Eternal Ankh are all based on different source components and each perfume viscosity will differ significantly.  Doing this will assist in not pouring but dropping oil on the skin. 
              • Please sign up on our Facebook page for updates.  We are also on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.  You can find these icons on the top or bottom menu of the home page.
              • FREE SHIPPING DETAILS: US Domestic free USPS Priority Mail shipping on an individual order over $325 (this will appear in the cart as FREE after you have filled in your address and have chosen shipping method).  Not to be combined with multiple orders or add-ons. 
              • We are human and sometimes make the mistake of sending an incorrect bottle.  We make mistakes but we will do our best to have the correct bottle out to you in a black bubble envelope.  We also ask that you send a photo of the incorrect bottle for our records.  We do ask that the incorrect bottle be returned at the address below:

                Nocturne Alchemy

                PO Box 6301

                Alameda, CA  94501

              • OUT OF TOWN? Please contact us and we can hold your order for up to a couple of weeks. Contact info: Please note that we do not HOLD orders otherwise for any reason. We do not hold pending orders for an upcoming Update, simply because this may push your order past the 1-2 week current TAT, and we need to maintain this TAT in order to minimize errors and remain proficient. Anniversary blends, ICONs, and other releases featuring custom presentations can not be held for any reason or time-frame due to the special nature of decorative bottles. We are also not liable if you ship to an intermediary contact and then claim a lost or damaged product. These guidelines ensure that we are delivering only the highest quality art with prompt efficiency.
              • There is a lot of social media and we cannot monitor everything but we know it's there.  Positive reviews, negative, but if we can’t see your complaints direct from you, we can’t address them and help you have a successful, positive experience with our products.  All you have to do is email:  Putting up complaints or negative feedback without allowing us to address and fix the situation is all on you.
              • Nocturne Alchemy is part of the House of NA, San Francisco, CA. We are an online presence only at this time. Due to strict regulatory requirements regarding environmental controls, manufacturing clearance, and avoidance of cross-contamination, (as well as protection of our IP) our lab/ facility is not open to the public. We do have samples available on our site for trying before buying.  Smell good, be happy and have a cracker of a day!
              PSA on REFUNDS.
              Most Paypal accounts will have received this notification directly from Paypal. Questions: please direct to Paypal.
              We rarely have any canceled orders or requested refunds, so this is simply a PSA on the new Paypal refund policy.
              PAYPAL User Agreement to change the refund policy. We want to let you know that Paypal policy change is going into effect beginning on October 11, 2019.
              In line with industry practice and according to our updated policy, we will not charge a fee to process refunds, but the fees from the original transaction will not be returned. This policy will not apply to duplicate transactions, voids, and most disputed transactions. You can review the PayPal User Agreement below at the URL listed for more information on return policies.
              Domestic Paypal fee is 3.5% and a .30 processing fee. No matter what the order. Here’s an example of how a refund request will affect the refund return to you.
              Example for domestic order; If you order $100 (3.5% includes shipping and taxes) and request a refund you will receive $96.20 back from Paypal as fees will be kept by Paypal (not us).

              International is 4.5% and .30 processing fee.
              Effective October 11, 2019
              If you request an exchange for the same price or higher, and your order has not shipped, this will not affect you.
              If you request an exchange with a perfume of lesser value or decide you don’t want a bottle from your order or you request a full refund. The ratio above will affect the refund difference or refund via Paypal.
              If you use your credit card at the store, this will not affect you.
              If you use your credit card via Paypal, this will affect any refund request.
              This is only via Paypal and only in the event, you request a change in your order or refund/cancel the order. Your order will subtract the 3.5% of the order total and the .30 fee and taken from Paypal. We rarely have refunds so this is simply just FYI to the new Paypal refund policy.
              Where necessary with new information from Paypal we will adjust this notice where applicable.
              NA Crew
              September 30th, 2019