Cities of the Dead (COTD)

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San Francisco: Clouds of Sugar, Desecrated Spiced Orange Peel, Vanilla Flower, Powdered Blue Lotus, Arabian Spice, Chinese Cinnamon, Chinese Cardamom and weathered driftwood by the Bay.

Edinburgh: Blood Ripe Raspberry Scotch, Green Heather Tea, Black Vanilla, Spun Sugar, Sweet Meringue and a dusting of soil under a Hazelnut tree.

New Orleans: New Orlean Jasmine, Sleeping Lilac, Orris, Lily Musk, Cedar, Graveyard dirt and fresh soil.

Salem: Blackened Orchard Apple, Smoke, Ravensara, Wormwood, Blue Hemlock, White Patchouli, Sugar and Clove.

Venice: Venetian Lagoon Cucumber Extract, Cedar Essential Oil, Fresh Dirt Accord, Loam and Cemetery Dirt

London: English Black Rose, Earl Grey Tea Leaves, Bergamot Tea, Black Amber, Vanilla, Cinnamon and Davana.

Transylvania: Transylvanian Green Timber, Romanian Green Chypre, Honey, Incense and Romanian Black Vanilla.



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