Studio Limited

*Studio Limited: These essential perfumes are available while source materials are attainable. SL perfumes are created from rare, exotic and sometimes costly materials. There are several categories within the SL series: The Studio Limited Originals are based on single notes like Crystalline (vanilla bean), Kobalt (vanilla orchid), Santalum (Sandalwood), and Egyptian Musk. Also featured are specialty blends using Studio Limited Originals. Studio Limited Ombre is a study of our shadow amber accord, featuring favourites from VApothecary like Ambre Ombré #2 and White Santal Ombré #11. Studio Limited Osirian Purnima is an expanding incense perfume line based on Egyptian Gods and incense. Vanilla Haven is a home for vanilla-forward NA perfumes in one place. The new Musk Haven celebrates a perfume collection of beautiful Musk skin scents in a new exciting 6ml bottle with golden-domed lid. We invite you to explore these truly wonderful creations. Studio Limited are housed in 5 mL amber bottles.  Musk Haven and the Observatory perfumes are in 6ml bottles only. Studio Limited are not available in sample form due to their limited nature and ingredients. We may sometimes offer special incense resin, incense sticks, incense oil and more within these collections.