Limited: These luxurious perfumes are available for a set amount of time and are often themed. LC perfumes are typically oriented around a time of year, such as Valentine's/Spring/Summer/Halloween/Holiday, with each Limited Collection available in a limited time window.  Each Limited Collection is limited to SEVEN weeks unless stated otherwise.  This allows us to ship orders and continue to create for the forthcoming Collection throughout the year.  We need the time in between for this efficiency. Limited Collections are made in small batches using precious, rare, and hard-to-obtain perfume components.  LC scents sometimes do sell out. It is impossible for us to know which perfume(s) might sell out before the window closes for that particular Collection. If we can attain the components again, LC perfumes may return the following year as a Resurgence (returning Limited), but this is not always the case. Resurgence Limited perfumes return a 2nd and final time, do pick these up before they are sold out or come down, as they will not return again. Within EACH Limited, you can find the dates they went up and when they will leave the site. We may also offer Body butter, Body Oils, and Bath Oils in these collections.

Please read Thoth's Scroll section for the latest updates on upcoming Collections.  We do not carry back stock of collections once they have left the site so that we may make room for the upcoming Collections.

PLEASE read Thoth's Scroll for updated information.
HALLOWEEN '23 LIMITED Begins Wednesday September 13 @ 8 AM
Concludes Wednesday November 1 @ 8 PM Pacific
Thoth's Archive Mid-Summer begins
has concluded 8pm Pacific 9.22.23