Dearest International Clients,

2023 Until further notice - International ordering will remain unavailable due to the restrictions, international customs and the new Brexit customs issues.  We will keep you informed when International shipping has returned to the store here.


ATTENTION!  Effective Immediately and with all pending orders. 6.28.22 to infinity and beyond (or something changes);

As some of you might know, we have been having supply-chain issues with our current dropper lids.  After months of testing, we’re going to move forward with non-dropper lids called “phenolic” lids.  This is only for the traditional 5ml amber bottle (all other bottles are not affected).  These phenolic lids seal much tighter and while they do not have a seal proof ring or an orifice reducer on the inside, these have proven to ship without any leaks.  For those that prefer the dropper, these are available in the Studio Limited Bazaar section to purchase while supplies last. We just wanted to give you a heads up now that you do not pour the perfume on as there will no longer be dropper lids/orifice reducers in our bottles and to take note of this change of lid immediately.

All orders that have not shipped will now arrive to you in a phenolic lid.  You can check your order via the original emailed order receipt.  There are 5 different phenolics from a few different suppliers with minor differences, we may resort to a different phenolic if need be.  Current phenolic A is the one that will be your new lid for your perfumes.  No insert or dropper for this.  This is ONLY for the traditional amber 5ml and the cobalt blue 5ml.

Free samples with every Limited Collection store order with the exclusion of a SPECIAL sample from an upcoming or prototype perfume we are working on.  This special perfume gift will be available to ALL that order from the new Limited Collection and will be included in your initial order, subsequent Limited Collection orders will receive a random sample from our store library and can range from a Studio Limited Original to a Permanent Collection.  We apologize in advance, as we fill hundreds of these samples for your gift at a time and are unable to take sample requests.  Thank you for understanding!  Free gift sample may be a prototype otherwise it is the final perfume from the Master Bottle which will debut in the future at some point.  TBA will be given in that sample description.  Orders outside of the Limited Collection will receive a random 1ml or 2ml (depending on order size) vial of any of our store perfumes decided by who is shipping at the time but we do look at your order and make decisions based on your preference or what we feel you might enjoy.



NA Studio & CS will be closed Thursday November 23rd/USPS closed Thanksgiving.  Also on Christmas Eve and Day.

Online Store remains open all year!  Customer Service is closed on weekend and during the official Store closure dates above.  Add-ons cannot be added during closure and cut-off dates are in Thoth's Scroll.

Current Limited Collection/Resurgence Limited Collection

Please note most Resurgence sell out as they are back for a 2nd and final time at the store.  Thoth's Archive is made is smaller quantities as most of these are back an additional time.  ALL updates are 8am Pacific and come down 7 weeks later at 8pm Pacific unless stated otherwise at the update details.

2023 - All updates occur at 8am Pacific and conclude last day at 8pm Pacific

Thoth's Archive (Winter) '23 - January 11 - March 11, 2023 8pm Pacific

Valentine '23 - February 1 - March 29, 2023 8pm Pacific

Spring '23 - April 7 - May 26, 2023 8pm Pacific

Thoth's Archive (Spring) '23 - May 15th July 3rd 8pm Pacific

Summer '23 - June 9th - July 28th 8pm Pacific

Thoth's Archive (Summer) Halloween in July 7 -- August 25 8pm Pacific

Thoth's Archive (Mid-Summer) Mid-Summer  - August 4 - September 22 8pm Pac

Halloween Limited '23 - September 13 - November 1 8pm PAC
Thoth's Archive Candied- October 23, 2023 for 7 weeks or while supplies last - December 11, 2023 8pm PAC 
Holiday Limited '23 - November 10 - December 29th 8pm PAC



Thoth's Archive #4 Royal Sandalwood January 11 - June 15, 2022

Valentine 2022 Limited Collection January 21, 2022 - March 11, 2022

Thoth's Archive #5

125 May 26 - Summer 2022

Spring 2022 Limited Collection - April 01 - May 20, 2022

Summer 2022 Limited Collection - June 10 - July 29th, 2022

Thoth's Archive #6 - September 2, 8pm these come down, 2022

Halloween 2022 Limited Collection

NA Anniversary

Tomb of Tut Ankh Amun Limited Collection - November 2022

Holiday 2022 Limited Collection - end January 6, 2023

Current reviews are on hold as the original Review App is no longer functioning, we're taking our time looking for a new Review App to continue using and import all reviews prior to the Review App concluding. 5.1.24


There is an Impression (review) section at the bottom of every perfume group.  We only ask you reference what perfume you are reviewing in your review and that you be helpful and relevant and respectful.  Please allow resting time to age your perfume before making an impression straight out of the mailbox.  Weather and Seasons do effect the essential oils during transit and it is unfair to the perfume to review out the gate without sufficient acclimation to your home environment. 

The content you submit should be relevant to Nocturne Alchemy and based on your own honest opinions and experience.  Impressions in the Limited Collection are not permanent and will stay up as long as that collection is up.  URL for the archival of the Limited Collection reviews forthcoming.  Inappropriate (rude, bad language, descriptive narrative that is inappropriate, URLs to other sites, spam, negative 'hate' in any use will not be prohibited), reviews will not be tolerated.  Limited Collections and Resurgence will eventually leave the site, though Impressions are very helpful during the period the perfumes are at the site and for possible Resurgence to newly Limited Collection perfumes in the future.  We thank you in advance for reading this, your impression(s) and respect toward our art.  Helpful suggestions; when reviewing wear more than once as our skins' chemistry can change the true nature of the scent be that diet, the season, dry skin...wear the perfume at another time and denote what is different to the first time you wore it and think about what you ate as things like garlic, onions, meat can change the molecule structure when combined with the skin.  Keep a journal.  We do for testing and a lot of beautiful NA perfume has come from these testing journals.  Our first impressions are not always the most accurate, just as inhaling directly out of the bottle/vial only gives you the very top note and you do a disservice to the perfume if your impression is based on this alone.  What may smell sweet on top may simply be a note used to balance the perfume.  Allow it to bloom on the skin and try different parts of the skin.  The suppleness of the inner elbow will be different than the scent on the wrist that is typically exposed to the environment.  Perfume notes; when you see a note in a perfume but you don't smell it, it may be many things but typically it is a note that holds/binds the perfume together to keep balance on sweet, spice or other notes.  The perfumer knows what he/she is doing and just because you don't smell it, doesn't mean it's not there.  This is where testing comes into play.  What you don't smell someone else may smell and there is nothing wrong with either of you, we're all different, our skin is different based on what we chose to eat that day, what the environment is where we live and what our own personal tastes are.  Be open to the perfume when writing your impressions, wear more than once and allow the perfume to speak to you.  It is always best not to compare to another brand as this simplifies the experience and it should be more intimate between you and the perfume.  Allow the experience to be wonderful without attachment; we are all artists and each of us deserves to be our own creation and to be worn by you is a gift to us.  If you have concerns or questions about your an impression or would like to inform us of something odd with a published impression, please reach out to us at for clarification, backstory or simply to let us know we're doing a good job.  We thank you in advance for reading these suggestions.

We may email you about an impression; we have a product you enjoy and want to better and refine that experience in the best way we can.  It is nothing more but to thank you and offer suggestions on a wonderful experience.

The Impression section is an APP attached to the store and we have to publish on our end before these arrive at the store due to control over spam which has occurred.  If you do not see your Impression/Review or see a duplicate, please contact us directly at so that we can look into where the Impression has gone, it could be that we missed it.  We make mistakes.  When an Impression is written while we are out of the Studio (Weekends, holidays etc.), please allow us ample time to publish on our return.  So if you do not see it and you uploaded to the site on the weekend or we're closed on holiday, we haven't published it yet.  We do not censor, alter or delete reviews (exception: spam etc.), so please make sure you get to say everything you want before you hit enter button!  It is policy, however, that we ask you not to advertise other perfume companies or their products in your impressions.  Let's keep our perfumes NA only.  Our perfumes are our original blends.  Thank you all for your Impressions!!  We truly appreciate them and you.  We do listen to our customer suggestions and read the impressions to know what we're doing right and to see where we need to improve upon.  Thank you again!

Resurgence perfumes are selected by taking into account the availability of components. We wish we could re-craft every fan favorite, but more often than not, once a limited perfume is sold out, it's gone for good. That's just the nature of small-batch, hand-harvested botanical. Sometimes beauty is as fleeting as it is intense.

We are open all year round, even when there are no updates during the schedule below. Occasionally we take a holiday and we'll let you know when we're out of the Studio so you know in advance your order turnaround time may be slightly impacted if your order is placed while we are on holiday.