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Welcome to Nocturne Alchemy!  Latest NEW Headlines:

NEW Meditation Musks are here in the Musk Haven

Thoth's Scroll Volume 5: Oudh Celebration (Oudh Iconic) arrives Friday April 29th @ 8am Pacific in the LIMITED COLLECTION

125 coming soon in the Limited Collection


May 30/31 Memorial Day and Studio Day off.


2ml Sample included in Limited Collection orders (while supplies last):
Thoth's Archive Vol 4, from Techno Bastet: Symbiosis
Valentine 2022 - Pyramid Cake (not released)
Spring 2022 - Ice Cream & Summer Rose
Summer 2022 - June
Halloween 2022 -TBA
Holiday 2022 - TBA
 Everything in grey is old news bears.
SPRING Limited Collection (and Resurgence) are both LIVE SPRING COMES DOWN from the store May 20th at midnight Pacific.  Resurgence is the 2nd and last time at the store and will not return.
We have some VANILLA NEWS!
For several years, we’ve managed to avoid pricing impact to our precious vanilla perfumes due to the vanilla shortage and Covid-related shipping/receiving issues. We accomplished that in several ways, one of which was ensuring our contracts were renegotiated during this time span with our Vanilla Bean vendors around the globe. At this time, we’ve come to the end of many of these contracts, and understandably some of these Vanilla bean companies are much smaller and family-operated – we also don’t want them to go out of business or we won’t be able to offer some of our Vanilla perfumes. On *May 13th* (two and half weeks from today) we will implement a very slight increase for our 'vanilla' Studio Limited and Vanilla blends to accommodate the new price structure from our vendors. NA is a small business, and we support small family-owned businesses around the globe. These small price adjustments are necessary, but we wanted to give you some time to order some of these Vanilla scents before the increase occurs. The price increase will be $2-3 (5ml) and 10ml will be comparable to the increase adjustment for the 5ml doubled as will the 2ml (where applicable as some have no samples or 10ml option) depending on the Vanilla and the concentration of the raw material in the perfume.
We hope to continue offering you gorgeous vanilla perfume originals, blends, and special vanilla-focused scents, and we appreciate your understanding for the minor price increases that will sustain our capability to celebrate vanilla in all its splendor.
Add-ons are now over at 3pm Pacific April 5th but don't worry we'll turn add-ons back on a week and a day from April 5th (April 13th).  Now we'll begin processes orders.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.  Though some people will receive their orders first, we are moving down the queue as orders came in and will be at your order as soon as we can.

Techno Bastet from the Permanent Collection is now live with a new label look and two new perfumes to the Collection.  Find Techno Bastet near the bottom on the Permanent Collection page. 3.8.22

2ml Ice Cream & Summer Rose SOLD OUT - 4.24.22 -  Not to worry, this perfume will be available in full bottle during the Summer Limited Collection this June, 2022. 
2ml gift perfume vial with every Spring Limited Collection order, a summer release for you to enjoy now before we launch it in the summer. This is included as a very special gift for you with every new Spring or Spring Resurgence Limited order, only 1 per customer and while supplies last (at least one perfume from either Spring/Spring Resurgence qualifies).
Ice Cream & Summer Rose – Bastet’s Ice Cream (Vanilla Crystalline Cream, Butter accord, Caramel Accord, French Vanilla Bean Absolute, Vanilla Milk accord, Vanilla Orchid, Crystalline Absolute and Vanilla Sugar), Egyptian Rosewater, Romanian Rosewater, Summer Bulgarian Rose, Saffron, Agarwood essence, Vanilla Sugar, Vanilla Musk and eNVie parfum saphir (Egyptian Amber & Musk Resin, blue balsamic amber, sweet papyrus oil from Cairo and Siam benzoin).


Four new Musks have joined the Musk Haven in the Studio Limited as of 2.11.22


ARRIVAL Thoth's Archive Vol 4: Royal Sandalwood January 11, 8am 2022 Pacific while supplies last.  Please see Thoth's Archive in the Limited Collection area once live at the aforementioned date & time.

USPS rates have gone up slightly as of January 10, 2022 but we have discounted the rates for you.

Retail for a USPS Priority Small Box is $9.45 and our shipping is $8.25!

2ml Sample included in Limited Collection orders (while supplies last):
Thoth's Archive Vol 4, from Techno Bastet: Symbiosis
Valentine 2022 - Pyramid Cake (not released)
Spring 2022 - Ice Cream & Summer Rose
Summer 2022 - TBA
Halloween 2022 -TBA
Holiday 2022 - TBA
 Everything in grey is old news bears.

VALENTINE 2022 ENDS March 11, 2022 at midnight Pascific.  Interested in "adding on" to your order without paying additional shipping?  Send your order # and your perfume request to Freja using

 Pyramid Cake free sample is sold out as of 2.14.22 but the full bottle will be available to purchase in the Spring Limited Collection in April 2022

Pyramid Cake – Vanilla Buttercream Frosting accord, Vanilla Bean liqueur cordial, Vanilla Cake Batter accord, Moonstone Vanilla Absolute, Madagascar Vanilla, Bourbon Vanilla Absolute, Tonka Bean Absolute, White Cake accord, Creamed Vanilla Bean, crème fraiche accord, lemon extract, honey-vanilla crème and Bastet’s Ice Cream (Vanilla Crystalline Cream, Butter accord, Caramel Accord, French Vanilla Bean Absolute, Vanilla Milk accord, Vanilla Orchid, Crystalline Absolute and Vanilla Sugar). 


Bastet Amber RETIRED 2.22.22

As a courtesy to our beloved customers, we want to inform you all that our Bastet Amber perfume will be discontinued in approximately 6 months on 02.22.22 (Feb 22, 2022).  Special 15ml will arrive in the Valentine Limited Collection of Bastet's Amber if you're looking to treat yourself or get a larger size in a special bottle!! We will continue to use this precious blend in future creations at Nocturne Alchemy, just no longer will offer it for sale on its own. Bastet Amber was originally intended as a blending component for us to use in our compositions, and we offered it for sale on its own due to popular demand. However, it is time for Bastet Amber to be retired. Thank you so very much for loving this blend as much as we do! We are announcing this far in advance to give you all as much notice as possible.

We will explore opportunities to bring BA back in the future as something special, possibly as an annual limited edition release as components are available.
HOLIDAY LC and HOLIDAY Resurgence have left the store (Jan 3, 2022 Midnight Pacific).  Happy New Year!
EVERYTHING in GREY is old news bears.

NOTICE we're EXTENDING the Holiday & Resurgence LC to January 3rd, Midnight Pacific!  Happy NALIDAYS! <3

COMING SOON a very small window for all released Royal Sandalwood coming soon.  Watch this space for the date and time!

SHIPPING NEWS:  USPS Priority Small Box Retail is $8.45 but we have it discounted for you to $7.90  The HOLIDAY USPS rates have come back to normal but there will be a slight USPS increase in January 2022.

We're back in the Studio during regular business hourse (Mon-Fri 9am - 4pm Pacific) ORDERS placed after the 21st of December will ship upon our return on January 2, 2022

Happy New Year! 

HOLIDAY 2021 is now live - SUGGESTED CUT-OFF DATE to receive your order in time for the Holidays please order by December 14th - if you don't mind it possibly being late due to the heavy volume of the postal service traffic - by all means, take your time and order after this date but do note January 1 at midnight Pacific 2022 the Holiday LCs both come down and these will no longer be available to purchase at all.  Resurgence is a 2nd and last time at the store, some perfumes may be subject to selling out and will not be restocked.  Add-ons will not be accepted during the week of our closure - see above:

live from Friday November 12th, 2021 @ 8am Pacific time


 Saturday January 1, 2022 @ 12 midnight Pacific time

NO LONGER AVAILABLE as of 12.20.21 (don't worry, the full bottle will be available at the Valentine 2022 Limited Collection update for purchase)! Included in all Holiday Limited Collection orders The complimentary 2ml is for HOLIDAY Limited Collection direct store orders.  It is an unreleased future Limited Collection perfume:  Eclipse Vanilla.  One per customer and subsequent orders (or if sample has been depleted) we will include a different 2ml sample in your order of our choice for you.  Order minimal of one item in either Holiday LC and you will receive this sample as our holiday gift to you.

Eclipse Vanilla - a new Limited perfume coming to a future Limited Collection (TBD Limited Collection 2022)

Ingredients: Golden Tobacco Leaf essence, Black Tonka Bean Absolute, Sweet Sandalwood, Golden Labdanum Absolute, Cistus Absolute, Styrax, Patchouli essence and NA Amber Attar Accord

The last weekend of the Halloween LC October 30 & 31 we will NOT be accepting add-ons.  Last day for add-on requests is end of day precisely at 4pm Pacific Friday October 29th.  No add-on requests will be accepted after this date.
The 2ml gift perfume vial included for ALL Halloween LC and Resurgence LC will be the brand new
Halloween 2022:
Caramel Apple accord, Green Apple skin, Marshmallows on an open flame, Sweet Vanilla Caramel, Bastet’s Ice Cream Absolute accord, light Pumpkin spices of nutmeg, white cinnamon and a light firewood and ember rounded out with Vanilla Bean extracts
IF you order this in any form, we'll choose another 2ml spookable for your Halloween order just for you.  This pertains to only (anything from these collections) Halloween Limited and Resurgence Limited Collections from the store. One per order, full size bottles and more samples are in the PC All Hallows' Eve Collection.
Our Halloween prezzie to you.

ANUBIS GARDEN is now live in the Permanent Collection.

With every order of anything from the new Anubis Garden collection - a 1ml sample of Lavender Amber will be included for the first seven days of this launch. Lavender Amber notes are below in purple. It is an unreleased upcoming perfume where you will get to try it here before anyone else. One per customer, valid for orders at the site only as our thanks for your continued support. Valid August 14-21 midnight Pacific or while supplies last.  The full bottle, larger bottle and samples will debut in September in the Royal Amber PC section.  Anubis Garden orders will begin shipping next week!  A random sample will be included once the free sample is either depleted or the 7 days is up on August 21 at midnight Pacific.
Unreleased sample of Lavender Amber notes:
Bulgarian Lavender, Lavender from Kashmir, French Blue Lavender, Rock Rose Resin, Copal Resin, White Patchouli, White Vetiver, White Frankincense resin, Myrrh, Amber accord, Sandalwood, White Amber, Atlas Cedar and Amber Musk
Lavender Amber will launch in September in the Permanent Collection Royal Amber in 2ml sample, 5 and 10ml bottles.

Summer Limited Collection has left the store and will be unavailable to purchase once the collection leaves the store.

EMAIL but first READ the FAQ how to order add-ons section!

Please follow add-on procedures (see above) otherwise you will receive multiple packages from the queue in which we received the orders.  Email Freja (also above) if you would like Add-on information before placing further orders provided your initial order has not shipped.  Thank you!

Please note the excessive heat - please allow perfumes to come to room temperature - do not put in the fridge (this is a common question for our CS).  Put the Priority box somewhere safe and wait a few days for proper molecule scented bliss.  We ship fast so you can take a few days to sit them aside and return to room temperature and where the scent should be.

The complimentary 2ml for Limited Collection direct store orders is an unreleased Studio Limited DEUX perfume:  Crimson & Kashmir is SOLD OUT as of July 5 but 5ml is available NOW in the Studio Limited DEUX section!  Subsequent orders or if sample has been depleted we will include a different 2ml sample in your order.  These are for direct store orders not from ordering at other sites/stores.

Happy Summer!

Summer LC Perfumes are up 7 weeks beginning 6.19.21 - 8.7.21


NEW in the Permanent Collection: Royal Amber - Celestial Amber

NEW in the Studio Limited Musk Haven - Lavender Musk

NEW in the Studio Limited Originals/Vanilla Haven - Pyramid Vanille 3

If you have ordered from the new SUMMER LC you will receive the latest free sample in your order.  1x sample per order.

To celebrate the new Studio Limited perfumes at the site - the first 200 orders of either Lavender Musk or Pyramid Vanille 3 will receive an upcoming perfume - Egyptian Musk & Santalum DEUX 2ml sample in your order. 1 per customer and any combination from anything at the store - as long as one or both are included in your order. Thank you for being part of the House of NA - June 19th forward - if you have ordered from the new Summer LC you will receive the latest free sample in your order.

~Provided your order has not shipped - add-on requests are available via  Please READ the FAQ for instructions.

This year's Summer LC is coming soon, with a target release later in June – we’ll announce the date soon here and on our official Facebook page.



As of July 1, 2021 across the entire store (where applicable) all 10ml will now come in Amber glass bottles.

We will be phasing out the 10ml blue bottle for our Studio Limited perfumes and move to 10ml Amber bottles. 

Spring Limited Collection arrives 8am Pacific Saturday April 10th in the Limited Collection along with Spring Resurgence. 

END DATE: Saturday May 29th @ midnight Pacific

PEACH Musk is available in the Musk Haven Collection in the Studio Limited

CLOSED ON MEMORIAL DAY - MAY 31, 2020 (Both CS and NA Studio)

Our unreleased perfume free sample from the Royal Sandalwood series is already sold out from this weekend’s Limited Collection orders but do not fret – it will arrive in a full Indigo bottle in the Summer! This unreleased perfume, Sandalwood Jasmine, will launch this summer along with the Summer Limited Collection. This weekend was tremendous, and all the Sandalwood Jasmine samples have already been spoken for. Those that do not receive a Sandalwood Jasmine in their Spring LE order will receive a different 2ml sample of equal beauty, we hope you enjoy!
RS: Sandalwood Jasmine – Royal Jasmine: Jasminum grandiflorum, Arabian Jasmine: Jasminum sambac, Pink Jasmine: Jasminum polyanthum, Black Cardamom, Red Indian Sandalwood, Jasmine-Musk accord, a tiny bit of aged Bastet’s Amber absolute, aged White Sandalwood in a bourbon Oakwood barrel with one swimming black clove.





As you may already know, the upcoming Thoth's Archive will feature 9 returning bunnies as well as 3 all-new bunnies. Thoth has been hard at work rebuilding the 9 returning bunnies, but due to so many challenges in tracking down all the perfume components for them, these will be very limited in quantity. If you are really searching for any of the 9 returning bunnies, we suggest that you order directly from the store due to their limited quantity. However, the 3 new bunnies are exclusive to this Thoth’s Archive, and should remain available through the one-month duration of Thoth’s Archive because they are in full Master Bottles.

The Archive will arrive in the Limited Collection area denoted by the Egyptian sacred Thoth tile. Arrival time is 12noon Pacific on Saturday, March 6th and limited to one month or until bunnies are depleted, whichever comes first. Please note this we added an extra week to our normal six weeks for this update, and we have decided to continue with 7-week updates in the future for the seasonal Limited collections (Valentine, Spring, Summer, Halloween & Holiday)!

See you on Saturday! ALL three Collections in the Limited Collection area are filled and ready to ship!! Each BUNNY order will receive an exclusive 2ml bunny perfume yet to be released. One per customer and available while supplies last. Details in the collection when it launches this Saturday!! Pick up some Valentine perfume and a few hop-a-longs together!

ENHANCER Musks are now available in the Studio Limited Musk Haven Collection!!!  Six new perfumes to enhance your Musk Haven perfume Library!!  Read about it more in the Musk Haven section.

As always NEW information like this is in Thoth’s Scroll every time we have an update

Thoth's Archive #3 BUNNIES Saturday March 6 at 12Noon Pacific through April 3 midnight Pacific.  When a BUNNY sells out, the purchase option will no longer be available in the drop down.

<3 Freja, Thoth and the NA Crew


VALENTINE Collections have left the store.

Valentine Limited and Valentine Resurgence Limited Collections arrive 

Arrival date: Saturday January 30 @ 1pm PT - Departure date Saturday March 20 @ midnight PT - SEVEN weeks available or while supplies last. 

  • New Valentine Limited Collection in the Limited Collection
  • Valentine Resurgence Limited Collection in the Limited Collection
  • 4 new Bastet's Garden and the new label look of BG in the Permanent Collection - in two sections as the BG has over grown into 2 sections
  • Opal Vanilla is now available in the Studio Limited Section: Studio Limited Originals (or SLO) as well as a restock of Tahitian Vanilla
  • There will be price-increase in the Spring across all of the sizes for the entire Permanent Collection, details to come, minimal increase.  Necessary for increased costs of supplies and essential perfumes and component import fees.
  • New sample perfume comes from the upcoming Limited Collection Royal Sandalwood Collection - that will begin in the Spring 2021 and a sample will arrive in everyone's Valentine Limited or Resurgence orders! 2ml Incentive for Limited Collection orders only while supplies last and one per customer so that we can share in as many Valentine LC orders as we can!  INGREDIENTS: EDIT I'm elaborating on 2 perfume notes as we've had some email inquiries (adding the Moss is an Irish Moss and the wood barrel is Oak).  These updated notes will be in the Sandalwood Bourbon perfume notes when it goes live in the near future at a Limited Collection.

    Sandalwood Bourbon:  Sandalwood Absolute, rich Indian Sandalwood chips, soft white clove essence blended with Indian Cardamom, Cedarwood, Irish Moss accord, Amber blend of labdanum and benzoin with Golden Australian Sandalwood and aged Sandalwood in a bourbon Oakwood barrel

  • Regular store orders will receive a Permanent Collection or Studio Limited Original sample in their order.  For every order a 1ml sample of our choice and we will upgrade to a 2ml for all orders $25 and up.
  • We are phasing out the black lids for the samples and moving to white lids exclusively due to issues with our suppliers.  You may receive a black or white lid in your perfume sample vial.
  • Add-ons - See below
  • How do I get my new Valentine perfumes quickly?  See below



PROVIDED your order has not shipped or is being currently processed and taken to the Post Office...Add-on requests will resume Monday February 8th.  Thank you!!!  The prior Add-on cut-off time is now over and we will resume add-on requests!

Please email with your add-on request, please follow the instructions provided in the FAQ area of our store provided your pending order has not shipped.  We will not accept add-ons for upward of 2 weeks from the launch of the new Limited Collection so that we may process and ship orders quickly!  We will again accept once the bulk of the new Limited Collection orders are out in the mail (about 10-14 days after the update).

How do I get my new Valentine perfumes quickly?

Valentine Limited & Resurgence Limited perfumes are ready to ship.  If you order only from the most current Limited Collections - your order will ship way before the current ship time below.  If you order samples, we will need to prepare these by hand and your order will remain within that 2-3 week window.  We strive to ship sooner and usually do!  The Valentine update is early so that we can have time to prepare thousands of orders and ship to you in a timely manner so that you may enjoy them over the course of Valentine/February!  You will receive a tracking email once your order has shipped or use the emailed receipt at the time of your order to check the button there to see if your order has shipped, if there is no tracking, we're still working on orders and appreciate your patience.  Sending an email asking where your order is will stop Freja from assisting shipping and slow the process down.  We truly do appreciate your patience.

Current SHIP TIME 1-2 weeks for LC only orders. 2-3 weeks (not including weekends/holidays/store closures) for all other store orders.  Due to a time-frame built around the Limited Collections, these orders are our priority but we typically are much faster than our estimated time above.  Do not worry, we will ship your order very soon!

The Observatory is now LIVE in the Studio Limited.  The Zenith free sample (future Observatory) has been depleted but Zenith will be joining in bottle form in 2021 



SEASONAL PRICE FOR Small Priority box (what we use)

Small Flat Rate Box:$7.90 INCREASED to $8.65 on October 3, 2021

USPS Holiday Closure Dates


House of NA Closure




New Labels will begin phasing in, starting in December 2020 and fully transitioned by December 2021, for: Bastet's Garden, Studio Limited, Osirian Purnima and a few others. Long labels are being updated to square labels to match the rest of the store for a streamlined look.

RETIRING:  Studio Limited are essential perfumes available while source materials are attainable. Darks and Anniversary blends from the Studio Limited Originals retire permanently late 2021 or while supplies last, so if there is a favourite, please pick them up now! 

Oudh ICONIC will be on hold until further notice (only Oudh ICONIC: Anubis has been released).  ICONS are a separate collection.  We hope to recommence with special Oudhs later in 2021.


SEE our NEWS section for more information about the new update and procedures!

INTERNATIONAL customers please see our NEWS section.
Please email us at for more information.