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Welcome back to Nocturne Alchemy!

Summer Resurgence is live in the Limited Collection: Celebrating the return of Summer 2019!
Thoth's Archive Vol 2 is live in the Limited Collection: Celebrating the Eternal Ankh Collection iterations in beautiful bottles with golden domed lids!
Summer Resurgence & Thoth's Archive are live July 18 @ 8am - Midnight on August 29th Pacific.  Then they are gone forever.
3 new Musks have been added to the Musk Haven Collection: Celebrating an ongoing semi-permanent collection in the Studio Limited section.


ADD-ONS END DATE:  ADD-ons are open again as of 8.03.20.  As long as your order has not shipped (you can check  your original order receipt E-MAIL you received - click that little button in there).  Email your add-on requests.  IF you order has shipped or processed, we may not be able to add-on. Please understand we are short-staffed as half of our Crew are in California and the other half processing orders in Las Vegas.


2ml sample in EVERY order (1 per customer so everyone can try a sample), while supplies last (500 samples available) from an upcoming Studio Limited Collection (same collection as Veil and Dark Matter).  *if your order only consists of one 2ml sample, as per previous gift sample rules, you will receive a 1ml sample in your order as a Summer Welcome gift from us. 


Tobacco Leaf, Vanilla Bean Liqueur, Kenyan Cardamom, Vanilla-infused-Patchouli, Tunisian Amber Attar, Amber Paste, Sweet Sandalwood, Copal Resin, Vetiver wood embers, Oudh resin and South African Black Frankincense Resin. Created by Bastet and Emerson Hart


A few words from the Creators of Nocturne Alchemy, Bastet & Emerson Hart

The past few months have been circumstance after circumstance, not only for us, but for everyone in the entire world.  Knowing how much you all love NA feeds our artistry to push through the obstacles and this move from San Francisco to Las Vegas (still ongoing), has been circumvented along with the world virus but we knew we could not give up.  We have you to embrace our return.

I don’t think we’ll ever quite know everything about the artistry of perfume and this allows us to never stop learning.  During the lock-down in SF (aside from packing a million things), we were part of perfume education online in Paris, Germany and Italy.  We learned more in the past few months than we have in a very long time because we had the time to fill and took advantage of the lock-down. 

After a fifteen+ (years) tenure of perfume making, according to JP Morgan – “roughly a third of new businesses exit within their first two years, and half exit within their first five years.” We are completely grateful that we are still here, inventing, reinventing, creating from our spirits our love of perfume for you!  Being an artist comes down to an open mind, trial and error and definitely perseverance.  I nearly gave up on so many perfumes, like Bastet’s Musk until I had a revelation in my dreams and went back to the drawing board and discovered how enfleurage can change everything and make the most minimal of notes so much more.  I’m drawn to the minimal on the skin and then building but to get the minimal there must be perseverance because a skin note is harder than it smells.

For us to be congruent with our customers and evolving we want to create good in the world where there needs to be more of it and remind ourselves what we contribute in our private lives and we hold a place special for animals and the majority of our charities are animal but not entirely - having given to the tsunami victims years ago, for animals effected by the fires in Northern California, The NAACP legal defense and educational fund, helping the homeless in SF, supporting the native animals and people during the fires in Australia late last year and early this year by selling our perfumes and donating 100% to so many causes because of you…we must celebrate life together in the most beautiful of ways by giving where we can.  Use your precious time toward the wonderful and the love of humanity not anything less than this. You have the power to do wonderful things.  Small actions can make big movements and create a more beautiful future for all.

With Love, Light, Compassion and Purrs,

Bastet, Emerson and all of the NA Crew

Special thank you to Erica, Samantha and Jennifer in the NA Tent on Facebook and everyone in the tent for your love and support. 

A very very special thank you to Thoth, Freja and Ian for being part of our move.  Their move is coming along in SF and will join us full time in the Fall.  Jacek and Seth work from Hungary and Paris and we're grateful to have you as part of the NA Crew.  Love to you all.


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