THOTH's SCROLL (Update Page)

Effective May 30th, 2020 at midnight.

HOUSE OF NA is moving.  We will be temporarily closing the site at midnight on May 30th PST while we pack up our home(s), Studio and move to the new location.  We may reopen late Summer or in time for Halloween Limited Collection.   All orders that come in by the time we close will ship normal 1-2 week from order date.  Customer Service (there will be no internet so we cannot reply until we're close to reopening) and House of NA will close while we're offline and set up the new Studio and are back online.  Stay updated on our House of NA page on Facebook.  If you have a question or problem, please know that we cannot answer until we are at our new location, set up and open again.  We will do our best to communicate this on our Facebook page the closer to reopening we are.


ADD-ONS END DATE:  The cutoff for Add-Ons is Monday, May 25. We are not able to accommodate Add-On requests after May 25 as we ramp down operations. This is in preparation for our temporary store closure on May 30, so we can move the Studio and the NA Crew! Get your orders in!


Dearest International clients,
Our deadline for International orders is now May 12th. We are staggering our temporary downtime this way in order to ensure that we can provide the very best customer service. Due to COVID-19, International packages are currently experiencing much longer transit times and an uptick in issues that require us to invest extensive time and effort. We will not be resourced to provide this level of customer service several weeks into our move and transition to a new state, home(s) and Studio. Therefore, we are implementing this earlier deadline for International orders, so that issues may be resolved while we have the capacity to do so. After the 12th, the option still remains to work with Ajevie and use her generous C/O services. Thank you for all of your support, we love and appreciate our International customers!  Please email us at for more information.