Studio Limited Bazaar

Please note Spring 2023 SL Bazaar will be retiring from the store including all lids/caps, inserts beads and bookmarks.  Please order accordingly.  12.31.22

Choose from Drop down.  One Tamper Evident Euro Orifice Dropper or One Phenolic Cone Lined Cap or One Insert dropper for Musk Haven/Oudh Iconic bottle/Observatory.  Order as many as you like. 

One Insert Dropper for Musk Haven/Oudh Iconic bottle: this is ONLY for perfume from NA with the gold, silver or copper metallic domed lid.  It is only the dropper insert for that lid and the bottle is the round cylindrical bottle (not for any colored or traditional amber or blue 5ml that we carry).

One Tamper Evident Euro Orifice Dropper:  an alternative to the new phenolic lid we use in our traditional 5ml amber and 5ml blue bottles.  A black twist lid with tamper evident ring and white insert for dropping perfume only the skin.

One Phenolic Cone Lined Cap: the new lid as of Summer 2022 that we use in our traditional 5ml amber and 5ml blue bottles.  There is no dropper.  The plastic piece is set up inside the lid to suction and keep your perfume from leaking and is easy to open and close.

Please make a good habit of always storing perfume upright to prevent any spilling.

Photo with orifice sticking out is the dropper insert lid.  The other flat one is the Phenolic cone-lined cap.

Beginning of 2023 will no longer offer these inserts as stock is depleted;  Insert for Musk Haven/Oudh ICONIC/The Observatory bottles in the drop down!  ALL bottles in the Musk Haven now include the insert automatically.

Also available are real Egyptian Papyrus Bookmarks brought back from Egypt during our perfume travels.  Bookmark will be random.  We will do our best not to duplicate.  There are about 10-15 different ones (some are variants).  Pick up a few for your stack of books by the bed. 

And authentic Egyptian made blue scarabs beads (there is a hole through them).  Get a few to protect your Nocturne Alchemy perfumes, hang a few from your car mirror or keep in rooms that need a little scarab protector.  Get a family!  Sizes small or medium (large are no longer available).  Between just under 1/2 an inch to slightly larger.  None are alike as each are hand made from Egypt and irregularities are common.

NEW and temporary.  Scent cards.  5 cards per pack.  Apply a drop of perfume from either your sample or bottle and let sit on the card for a moment.  Fan yourself with the card.  Please do not place on surfaces where oil can damage ie: wood, plastic etc...These are our exclusive NA Studio Crew scent cards we use for creating perfume.  There are 1000 left and once sold out we'll do our best to get you the new Las Vegas Scent Cards.  Five per pack.  See photo.  16 pt thickness.  Linen card.