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Choose from 2mL vial, 5mL bottle in the drop-down.  Please note our lids are Phenolic and do not have an insert/orifice.  Please note ALL Permanent Collection will move from traditional amber bottles to the new Slender Blue bottle with insert and shiny gold-tone screw lid beginning 2024 on collection at a time will be upgraded.

Sorceress: Black Lilac, Dragon's Blood, Vanilla Flesh, Amber and Musk.

Dead Can Sleep: Dark Lavender, Graveyard Dirt, Black Patchouli, Amber, Musk, Raw Chamomile, Valerian Root and a drop of Oud.

Hungarian Snow: Blood of a Dragon, African Vanilla, Tupelo Honey and Clove Petals dancing in a snow of shadows and Musk.

Medusa: Gorgon Black Patchouli, Incense of Ambar, Lemongrass E/O, Mandarin Zest, Pine Sap and Vanilla Musk.

Cemetery Snow: Cemetery Dirt, White Patchouli lite, Sandalwood Musk and White Cedar Vanilla.

Hyphialtes: Blue Musk Flower, Apricot Musk, Sweet Red Apple, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Caramelized Sweet Flag Smoke.

Zombie: Heliotrope Absolute, Ajowan Essential Oil, Black Chestnut Smoke, Burned Vanilla Pod, Russian Geranium Essentil Oil, Black Woods and Raw Sugar Accord.

Le Macabre: Haunted White Cedarwood, Fresh Soil from within a grave, Raw Blue Vetiver, Blood Ripe Pomegranate and Crimson Musk.

Gothic: Black Clove, Sweet Smoking Tobacco, Patchouli Incense, Frankincense and Myrrh Resinoid, Vanilla Skin Musk.  New 2022 version with new Sweet Smoking Tobacco note as the original small oil business closed during the covid pandemic.  The new Tobacco note is richer and more beautiful.  Please choose a sample to test out this version before purchasing a new bottle as the scent is fresh and aging will make this perfume even more beautiful.  Reformulations are only necessary when one or two components cannot be attained but not retired if it's only one or two.  This is a reformulation with most original and new notes.

Cherries in the Snow: Fragrant Snow Raspberry, Snow Cherry Pure, Ancient Limestone, Green Amber, Dirt Musk.

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