Techno Bastet

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ARCHEAON: Nebulae Dragon's Blood, N:Santalum Absolute, N:Kobalt Absolute, Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Orchid, Dragon's Blood Resin.

SOLARIS: Solaris Sea Kelp, Star Oak Moss, White Clover, N:Sapphire, Vanilla of Solaris ring, Musk of N3, Amber from meteor shaving and Dirt elements from left over dead planet.

SOLARIS ONE:  Solaris Sea Kelp, Star Oak Moss, White Clover, N:Crystal, Vanilla Orchid of Solaris ring, Lemongrass, Coriander and Black Cardamom found along the lush gardens leading to the lakes, Guaicwood found in the lakes of Solaris 1.

PROMETHEAN: Red Promethean Nebulae Dragon's Blood Emission, N:Crystal, N:Moonstone, type of French and Tahitian Vanilla hydrogen from high temperature atoms.

SENTINEL: Moonstone, Aged Moonstone Raspberry from Sentinel core, Frozen Dragon's Blood Dirt and the scent of N:Crimson Musk.

ICARUS:   Greek Blood Orange, Greek Patchouli, Egyptian Amber Resin, Egyptian Dragon's Blood, Sapphire, Nepalese Amber, Pegasus Vanilla Resin.

VILLANAZION: Blood Musk, N:Kashmir, N:Sapphire, N:Bloodstone Dragon's Blood.

HADEON EON: Amber99 (99 Ambers created for the 5th NA Anniversary Perfume Exclusive), Ghost Musk, Dragon Blood Resin, Amber Pepper, Black Violet, Nokturne:Crystalline, Black Peppercorn, Patchouli White.

End programme.

Techno Bastet will receive new labels in 2018.  Current TB labels are metallic silver.  Receive the metallic labeled perfumes while you can in 2017!

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