Studio Limited Osirian Purnima

In Ancient Egypt, incense was used to bind the sense of spirit and prayer to the Gods, it was a form of speaking words through smoke and perfumed resin. The scent would lift from the offering in the Temple and seek the ears of that particular God or Goddess. 

The Osirian Purnima is our ennead of Ancient Egyptian Perfume. Purnima is Ancient Sanskrit for Full Moon. The Moon, considered by the Ancients as the evening replacement of the Sun. A balance of darkness lit by the touch of the sun and then given to our planet, a place to walk with light above and Earth below.  This collection resonates the aroma of wondrous per fumum (the Latin from which 'perfume', comes), and Osirian Purnima Incense Perfume. The Latin term incendere (to burn), is a method of lighting resins and allowing the 'holy' scent to clear passageways for ceremonial or spiritual content.

Each label was commissioned by artist Trista Musco of New Orleans and painted especially for this Collection.  More OP are on the way! 

Each OP includes the original *base recipe that creates the incense perfume (see at the bottom of this list for those ingredients), plus notes for each individual perfume as denoted by the perfume below. 5 mL amber bottle only (see far bottom for base recipe).

OP Maahes: Lion Seer, Scarlet God and Avenger of Wrongs. Copal Resin, Cardamom Pod, Caramelized Sugar, NA Oudh, African Kola Fruit, Tasmanian Kunzea, Elemi, Incense accord gives this Lion an exotic incense with subtle nuances throughout the wear.

OP Serqet: Scorpion Goddess, Protector Goddess, Mistress of the Beautiful House and Eye of RA.  South African Marula Fruit, Blood Orange, Egyptian Clove, Ginger, Carnation, Vetiver, Musk, Demascus Rose Petals and Essence give this Goddess a beautiful perfume for protection and light.

OP AMMUT: Deity that represents the divine retribution of all souls and the devourer. Head of a crocodile, body of a lion, hind of a great hippopotamus. Organic Black Patchouli and Organic Black Vetiver deepen this scent with a little black sugar to entice this OP.

OP ANUBIS: Guardian of the Necropolis, protector of the dead – With Underworld Oudh (unreleased ICON) at the base of this perfume with Black Frankincense and Black Myrrh ruminating through smoke, the Guardian of the Necropolis protects his dead with the incense of dark wood and rich incense smoke.

OP BABA: God of aggression and controller of darkness – Black Musk & Nag Champa are the wild animal tamed only by a God.

OP BASTET: The personification of Isis, daughter of RA and Goddess of Love. Bastet’s Amber is the underworld helm of this incense perfumed with soft wisps of amber smoke, NA ICONIC Rose Oudh brings a smoke and NA floral throughout this OP.

OP HATHOR: Her name means the House of Horus.  She is the Goddess of beauty, music, dance, motherhood and love. NA Leviathan Oudh ICON brings warm amber and soft billows of desert wood to this OP.

OP HORUS: The one far above, Sky God and ruler of the living – Arabica bean and NA Egyptian Temple Oudh ICON are part of perfume alchemy and beauty of this OP Horus.

*****OP ISIS: Goddess of magic, healing, birth and rebirth. – With White Amber Resin and Sky Amber as the base of this perfume, the Goddess of magic brings notes of amber and incense with the notes of Eternal Egypt blending into this Goddess Incense. ****Please Note due to Paypal regulations, they will place any order that says "Isis/ISIS" on hold, so we are changing the name only for visual purposes and to bypass this, with 'Goddess', but the perfume label itself will remain Isis.

OP KHEPRI: God of creation, movement of life and the sun. Dragon's Blood and Black Sugar give a different resinous feel to the OP. Sweetened by the sugar and sensual with the Dragon's Blood.

OP KHNUM: God of the Nile inundation, architect and creator - Rich and beautiful Frankincense surround this blend and bring a peaceful feel to this incense. Pure Frankincense is used in OP Khnum chosen in Egypt by NA Crew for this blend.

OP OSIRIS: God of the dead, God of the afterlife and resurrection into eternal life. Black Amber Incense is the base of this God of the afterlife, the resurrection of scent comes in the billow of incense and dark amber notes.

OP PAKHET: Huntress and Goddess that took over in the Middle Kingdom when Bastet became the domesticated cat and Sekhmet became the Lion – NA Samar Oudh ICON purrs with resins, smoky wood and elementals of our entire SL Vanilla offerings throughout this perfume.

OP SEKHMET: The powerful one, Goddess of War and Goddess of healing, daughter of RA. Red and White Myrrh wood oil permeates this OP Sekhmet with exotic natural sweet aroma's of sugar, wood and smoke.

OP SET: God of Chaos, Storms and Darkness; Lord of Sepermeru – With NA Egyptian Temple Oudh at the base of this perfume, the chaos of incense and rich dark smoky woods permeates this God of storms and darkness.

OP SOBEK: Alchemist against evil, protector from crocodiles and the Lord of Faiyum; controller of waters – deep blood red Kashmir and Crimson musk flow throughout the OP perfume.

OP TAWARET: Goddess of maternity, protection and fertility. Black Fig and Frankincense Tears are the bounty of OP Tawaret.

OP THOTH: Scribe of the Gods and the God of Wisdom - Ancient Kyphi and exotic Guaiacwood make up this God of knowledge.


*Each Osirian Purnima includes the original OP recipe in addition to the notes above for each individual perfume. The Osirian Purnima blend uses the most beautiful and exotic of ingredients, including the tuned recipe of Bastet’s Zamsara: An exotic Blue Incense blended into the dark sensuality of aged Kashmir in Mahogany wood and a drop of Santalum Black, Black Frankincense, Black Hessonite, Bastet's Amber and aged Eternal Ankh Vanilla Absolute. This was then blended into Purnima Incense: Blue Coriander, Italian Bergamot, Ambrette Musk, NA Incense Accord, Egyptian Cedar Chips, Palo Santo Chips and genus of three beautiful Frankincense Olibanum Resin: B. Carteri, B. Thurifera and B. Serrata. Solid Myrrh wood is then stirred in and taken out, leaving a trace element of sweet wood within the blend. Intoxicating blend of Labdanum Extract, Benzoin Syrup and Oakmoss stir in the incense ephemeral element to the blend. Five Sandalwood perfume oils swirl throughout the Osirian.

The OP Collection will continue with more exciting perfume offerings.