The Observatory Studio Limited

The Observatory TM
The Observatory is a new Studio Limited perfume Collection featuring seven new perfumes. The Observatory is a revolving Collection of interstellar proportions. Perfumes are housed in beautiful 6 mL amber or clear cylindrical bottles with golden domed lids and each has an insert dropper, and are exclusive to the Studio Limited. This collection began ten years ago in Sydney, Australia when the entire NA Crew took an Australian holiday and stayed at the Observatory Hotel. We frequented the Sydney Observatory on Observatory Hill and had the privilege of using the telescopes to see the stars (from upside down). Jacek, Seth, Emerson, Bastet and Thoth had the privilege to visit the Australian Space Agency in Adelaide, the Australian Astronomical Observatory, and the Sydney Planetarium back in 2010 where The Observatory perfume collection was born. A decade in the making. A new fascinating collection of perfume inspired by the cosmos. Created by the artisans at the House of NA.
The Observatory is a revolving perfume collection. Due to the state of the world in this time of our lives, many smaller farms where exquisite perfume components are grown have now closed or the crops have been destroyed by extreme weather. Because we remain true to each scent, we will not reformulate a perfume once sold out; however, we will replace it with a new Observatory perfume. Limited to 777 bottles each, once sold out, there will be no more and no new version of it.  This constraint is out of our hands, but we offer these precious creations here to you now. Crafted using exquisite materials sourced from around our world and our continuous education and exploration on the art of perfume.
~Welcome to the Observatory~



Aged Amber Resin with Vetiver smoked Amber resin, Patchouli, Black Sandalwood, Cistus Absolute, Rock Rose extract, Myrrh, Frankincense, Cedar, Benzoin, eNVie saphir Amber Absolute, Vanilla Bean Liqueur, Pink Peppercorn, Bastet's Musk Absolute and Black Amber.  Created by Emerson Hart  Amber bottle



Black Jasmine, Vanilla Bean Liqueur, Egyptian Cardamom, Black Agar wood essence, Oudh essence, Bastet’s Musk, Bastet’s Amber, Burning Wood embers, Saffron Attar, Bourbon Vanille Absolute, Black and White Patchouli blend, Indian Jasmine Absolute and Bourbon Vanilla Beans.  Created by Emerson Hart & Jacek Rose  Amber bottle



Black Myrrh, Black Rose, Bulgarian Rose Absolute, Crystalline Vanilla Absolute, blackened Romanian Vetiver Wood, White Amber, Indian Sandalwood Incense, Benzoin, Saffron, Bastet Amber Absolute, Bastet Black Amber Absolute, Incense blend of Frankincense Resin Tears and Red Myrrh, NA Oudh.  Created by Bastet, Freja, Jacek Rose, Seth Kincaid, Thoth, Ian Gray and Emerson Hart  Amber bottle



Tobacco Leaf, Vanilla Bean Liqueur, Kenyan Cardamom, Vanilla-infused-Patchouli, Tunisian Amber Attar, Amber Paste, Sweet Sandalwood, Copal Resin, Vetiver wood embers, Oudh resin and South African Black Frankincense Resin. Created by Bastet and Emerson Hart   Amber bottle



Bourbon Vanilla Absolute, Vanilla Bean Liqueur, Black Tonka Bean, Ten year old aged Vanilla Beans in an Oak barrel, Eternal Ankh Vanilla Absolute, Sumatra Benzoin Absolute and Mediterranean dried Labdanum.  Perfume created by Bastet, Thoth and Seth Kincaid   Amber bottle



Vanilla Bean Liqueur, Egyptian Cardamom, Italian White Clove, Musk, Aloes wood and NA Oudh essence. Created by Jacek Rose and Seth Kincaid    Amber bottle



Black Patchouli, White Patchouli, Vanilla Bean Liqueur, Hinoki Wood, Incense Smoke accord, Smoked Black Clove Bud with Mahogany wood and Agar wood, Black Agar Oudh blend essence and aged whole Madagascar vanilla beans.  Created by Thoth, Jacek Rose and Ian Gray    Amber bottle


Perfumes created in Hungary, Paris, San Francisco, Egypt and Las Vegas by the House of NA

Coming in 2021 ZENITH and others as each run out.  Reminder each perfume from the Observatory will not be restocked, refilled or created again once all 777 bottles sell out for each current Observatory perfume (see very top intro), but instead replaced with a completely new Observatory perfume oil.  This page will be updated per sold out perfume.

Zenith free sample is sold out.  As soon as one of the 7 Observatory is sold out, Zenith will take it's place and whichever Observatory is sold out, will not return to the store.  See far above paragraph.


White Tobacco infused with Sandalwood and Almond, Sweet Amber, Whole Madagascar Vanilla Beans, Australian Sandalwood, Light Incense, Frankincense, African Myrrh Resin, Bastet’s Amber Absolute, White Patchouli, Earl Grey Tea accord, Bergamot Essential, Davana, Green Cardamom, Bourbon Vanille, Vanilla Bean Liqueur, Pink Kashmir Red Musk and Nevada Desert Sage