Choose from 2mL vial, 5mL bottle in the drop-down.  Please note our lids are Phenolic and do not have an insert/orifice.  Please note ALL Permanent Collection will move from traditional amber bottles to the new Slender Blue bottle with insert and shiny gold-tone screw lid beginning 2024 on collection at a time will be upgraded.

Etherian Rose: 1,000 White Rose Petals (extracted in Studio), Bergamot leaf, Japanese Yuzu, Japanese Shiso, Red Sandalwood Chips, drop of NA Oudh and Bastet’s Musk Absolute

Etherian Ambre: Amber (NA Studio Accord), Cola Root, Sarsaparilla Root, Black Patchouli Wood, White Vetiver, Bastet’s Amber Absolute, Vanilla Pod, Cacao Bean and Australian Sandalwood

ORB: Ghostly Angel Food Cake Accord, Ghastly Vanilla Crystal, Blackened Cedarwood, Ethereal Coconut Flesh, Sweet decadent Sugar spun from a black widow and a drop of Bewitching Blue Peppercorn.

Haunted Parlour: Aged Vanilla Oak, Cedar, Teak and Sandalwood Essential Oils, Black Cherry Wax, Ripe Cherry Flesh, Chocolate Essence and Vanilla Velvet.

Phantom: Opening with top floral notes of Wild Bergamot and Balsam Peru, it quickly moves into a heady bouquet of Jasmine and Violet and closes to the most brilliant and erotic drydown of Amber Resin, Barleygrass, Musk, Balsam Tolu, Black Vanilla and Teak.

Specter: White Musk, Indian Sandalwood Pure, Milk-Cherry Blend, a drop of Galbanum all with one drop of pure distilled Egyptian Red Rose and Oud.

Eidolon: French Blue sleeping Lavender, Amber Arabian Sandalwood, Blue Musk and the memories of phantoms.

Incorporeal: Blue Gardenia Essence, Enchanting White Pepper, whispers of Tuberose, bouquets of raw and black Vanilla, Bulgarian Musk and sweet dust of a haunted soul.

Ghost of the Moors:  Rare Oud resin of wood, Saffron, Blue Heather and whispers from the Moors.

Riven: Hungarian Pine, Northern Pine, Balsam Powder, Cedar Musk, Water Accord and Forest Soil.

The Lighthouse: Blue Orchid, Pink and White Grapefruit essence, Ocean ozone and salty sea air.  Reformulation with seasonal Pink and White Grapefruit essence.

Vesper: Blue Musk, African Musk, White Musk, Dried Sage and Salt Water Accord.

Polichenelle: Warm Woody Clove Smoke, Vanilla Bean & Marshmallow Extract, Indian Kewda Attar Incense, Amber and White Musk.

Geist: Teak Wood, White Oakmoss, White Champaka Essential, Holy Myrrh, Vanilla Honey, Smoke Accord and Blue Amber.

Apparition: Vanilla Sugar Crystal, Musk, Cedar Essential, Cardamom Extract Essential, White Vetiver Powder.  Reformulation 2023

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