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NEW Eternal Akhenaten: Sandalwood, Italian Bergamot Leaf, Mediterranean Labdanum, White Amber and Australian Sandalwood Absolute

NEW Eternal Nefertiti: Damascena Rose, Black Rose extracted, Red Rose Attar, Rosewood, Indian Warda Taif (Rose from the Taif Valley), Egyptian Geranium (Egyptian is more aromatic and fresh), Bastet Amber Absolute, Sandalwood, Lotus, Geranium, Ylang Ylang extract, Davana, Green Cardamom, Amber and White Amber

NEW Eternal Tut Ankh Amun: Bourbon Vanille Absolute, Crystalline Absolute, Tonka Absolute, Bastet's Vanilla Bean Absolute accord and White Amber

Eternal Underworld: Egyptian Essential Oil of Galbanum, Kobalt (Egyptian Vanilla Resin), Arabian Sandalwood, Black Cherry Skin, Egyptian White Musk, Egyptian White Amber, Kashmir (Red Musk) Resin and Green Pepper Essential Oil.

Eternal Ankh (Signature Blend): White Amber, Powdered and reconstructed oil of Egyptian Vanilla Husk, Vanilla fleck, African White Vanilla and the scent of soft Egyptian Sands.

Eternal Egypt (Signature Blend): White Amber, Red Egyptian Musk, Egyptian Amber and the sands of Egypt.

Eternal Aswan: White Amber, Lavender Leaves, Royal Mountain Laurel, soft Egyptian cinnamon, Blend of NA Ambers and Vanilla Absolute.

Eternal Netherworld: Egyptian Musk, Ethiopian Sandalwood, Egyptian White Amber, Black Frankincense, Black Amber, NA Oudh.

Eternal Cairo: Egyptian Amber, Egyptian Red Amber, White Amber and Egyptian Musk.

Eternal Necropolis: Egyptian Black Earth Cedar Essential Oil from Aswan, Black Clove Seed, Egyptian White Musk, Egyptian White Amber, Black Myrrh, Black Musk and White Pepper Essential Oil.

Eternal Luxor: NA Amber, Golden Egyptian Fig, Creamy Coconut Milk and Toasted Coconut Oil

Eternal Nile: White and Blue Florals of the Nile, White Amber, Egyptian Musk and Egyptian Amber.

Eternal Alexandria: NA Sand Note (Papyrus, Vellum and Amber Oils), White Amber, NV Sapphire and just a few drops of Egyptian Organic Cardamom.

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