Egyptian Temples & Cities

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Cairo: The scent of spices from the open markets, the scent of sweet wind from the Nile enrobed with lotus, lily and the desert sand of Amber limestone. Essential Oils of Rare Blue and Pink Egyptian Lotus and a base of Amber Musk to enrich this perfume with the warm and exotic feel of the landmarks and desert that surround this beautiful Egyptian Capital.

Luxor: The complex scent of columns, temples and the Nile nearby; Egyptian Musk, dark vanilla bean, Amber, Frankincense, Patchouli, dark rose and Egyptian Sandalwood.

Alexandria: The scent of the Mediterranean, red Egyptian Musk, Bergamot, lime, lotus, amber, blue nile, dark rose and dark vanilla, Crystal Absolute. A soft spicey scent of the ocean and all of Egypt along it's journey down the Nile.

Memphis: Sandalwood, Spicey Berries (the good kind - not the strong sour kind), Egyptian Musk, Citrus and Heliotrope. The Egyptian Musk used in Memphis is exquisite.

Amarna: Incense resin, White Amber, Dark Amber, Egyptian Patchouli and Pecan. Crystal Absolute and Egyptian Dragon's Blood (Studio Limited: Bloodstone).

Karnak: A religious complex set just east of the river Nile in Thebes (what is called Luxor today). The temple dedicated to Amun-Ra was filled with spices and incense. Sweet cinnamon, subtle cardamom, sharp citrus fruit from boats sailing down the Nile and Egyptian soft amber pillowed on a reed blossoming with red Egyptian Musk. Transport yourself to the banks of the Nile at Thebes and breathe deeply the intoxicating scent of Karnak.

Abu-Simbel: The temple where Ramesses II had carved into the mountainside this beautiful depiction of himself and at the other temple nearby the depiction and honour of his Queen Nefertari. It was also to commemorate the battle of Kadesh and to intimidate any people moving toward their Empire.  Almond essence, Nag Champa Incense, Black Opium, Green Apple skin, Egyptian Jasmine and Vanilla.


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