Cities of the Dead (COTD)

Choose from 2mL vial, 5mL bottle in the drop-down.  Cities of the Dead are now in the new Slender Blue bottle with insert and shiny gold-tone screw lid.

*NEW* Dublin - Sandalwood infused with Jasmine essence, Amber infused with rich Patchouli, Royal Sweet Frankincense, Languid Amber, Bastet’s Amber Absolute, Attar of Amber by Nocturne Alchemy; Labdanum Gum, Amber of Sandalwood, Patchouli absolute, Tonka, Benzoin, Vanilla extract, Benzoin Balsam and Rock Rose resin, Amber-Musk accord and Skin Musk, and Labdanum Absolute

*NEW* Glasgow - Raspberry Seed, Raspberry Essence, Cotton Candy Sugar Accord, Vanilla Cream, Mallow Root Extract, Amber Accord, Bastet’s Musk Absolute, Studio Limited Originals Moonstone Absolute, Studio Limited Originals Crystalline Absolute, Australian Sandalwood, Australian Vanilla Bean, Heather Accord, Caramelized Sugar, and Vanilla Raspberry Sugar Accord

San Francisco: Clouds of Sugar, Desecrated Spiced Orange Peel, Vanilla Flower, Powdered Blue Lotus, Arabian Spice, Chinese Cinnamon, Chinese Cardamom and weathered driftwood by the Bay.

New Orleans: New Orleans Jasmine, Sleeping Lilac, Orris, Lily Musk, Cedar, Graveyard dirt and fresh soil.

Salem: Blackened Orchard Apple, Smoke, Ravensara, Wormwood, Blue Hemlock, White Patchouli, Sugar and Clove.

Venice: Venetian Lagoon Cucumber Extract, Cedar Essential Oil, Fresh Dirt Accord, Loam and Cemetery Dirt

London: English Black Rose, Earl Grey Tea Leaves, Bergamot Tea, Black Amber, Vanilla, Cinnamon and Davana.

Transylvania: Transylvanian Green Timber, Romanian Green Chypre, Honey, Incense and Romanian Black Vanilla.







Retired 2024 Edinburgh: Blood Ripe Raspberry Scotch, Green Heather Tea, Black Vanilla, Spun Sugar, Sweet Meringue and a dusting of soil under a Hazelnut tree. 


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