Bastet's Garden

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Alyssum Champagne Crystalline ☥ Egyptian Alyssum found near Philae Temple in Aswan, Effervescent Champagne White Grape, a drop of Silver Sandalwood-Musk Accord and Crystalline Vanilla Bean whole.

Carnation Santalum Gold ☥ White Carnation of Cairo, Gold Santalum of India, a drop of Egyptian Temple Oudh, French Vanilla Beans whole, Vanilla-Sugar, White Sugar and Pink Cotton Candy.

Daffodil Empire Musk ☥ Egyptian Daffodil Essence, Philae Empire Musk Flower, Egyptian Musk and a drop of Crimson Musk.

Egyptian Jasmine Crystal Musk ☥ Egyptian Blue Jasmine, Crystal Vanilla Musk and Eternal Ankh Vanilla.

Gardenia Crimson ☥ Egyptian Gardenia Essence, Crimson (Studio Limited), Orange Flower and a kiss from the moon.

Lotus Santalum ☥ Egyptian Lotus Essence, Santalum (Studio Limited), Crystal (Studio Limited) and Blue Crystalline Vanilla.

Karnak Orange Black Honey ☥ Egyptian Orange, Greek Blood Orange Ring, Orange Sugar, Luxor Tangerine, Egyptian Black Honey and a drop of pure Frankincense Resin.

Luxor Jasmine White Star ☥ Luxor Jasmine, White Star (White Chocolate Cocoa with hints of White Raspberry, Egyptian Musk, aged Kobalt Vanilla, French Vanilla and rich Mallow Root Absolute) followed with a hint of Vanilla Musk and Amber Musk.

White Pear Crystalline ☥ Egyptian White Pear Accord, African Mandarin Essence, a quiet drop of Vanilla of Crystalline and Vanilla of Moonstone

Blackberry Kobalt ☥ Egyptian Blackberry, White Musk, Kobalt Vanilla Orchid, Blue Egyptian Basil, Black Honey and a kiss of Blue Sugar.

Orchid Crystal ☥ Pink Vanda Orchid Accord, Mimosa Essence, a quiet drop of Gardenia and Crystal Vanilla Musk

Arabian Lily Santalum ☥ Rare Arabian Lily, Santalum Sweet, Santalum and Arabian Santalum Light. A firm and exotic rarity with blossoms of sandalwood throughout.

Lilac Kobalt ☥ Egyptian Lilac, Water Lily, Rare Pink Lotus,Studio Limited Kobalt (Vanilla Orchid Leaves) along with Blue Amber.

Pomegranate Aurora ☥ Egyptian Pomegranate from Aswan, Aurora French Vanilla and Coconut Husk, a kiss of Cassis, a drop of Green Peppercorn

Lavender Santalum ☥ Australian and French Lavender, Santalum ; a perfume blend of intoxicating sleep, rest and bliss. *New batch 2019, please allow aging to this fresh blend of imported Lavender and Sandalwood to fully allow the blend to perfection.  We had to wait for Spring in both Australia and France for the lavender to be cultivated and distilled and as you might know, both places Spring comes at different times in the calendar year due to their locations.  Please note this will not smell exactly like the aged Lavender Santalum you are used to, but these are the exact same natural ingredients and slight variation on crops may cause slight changes to molecule but will bind a sweetness with proper aging.  There is also a light hue change due to the lavender buds.

Coconut Moonstone ☥ Egyptian Coconut Husk, Studio Limited Moonstone (The true Husk, black and white Fleck, essence and whole of African White Vanilla with a kiss of Crystalline) and a drop of peach

Violet Santalum Sweet ☥ Egyptian and French Violet, Egyptian Jasmine and Lilac, Sandalwood Sugar from a natural occurring Sandalwood Cask and Santalum Sweet

Blue Lotus Diamond ☥ Rare Blue Lotus, Golden Frankincense, Amber Musk and the charm and faience of Studio Limited - Diamond (Redwood and Cedar).

Strawberry Crystalline ☥ Fresh Strawberry delicately balanced in a blend of Red Apple and soft Pink Jasmine notes poured over by the essence of Studio Limited - Crystalline and the pureness of the stigma of a Vanilla Orchid.

Jasmine Crimson ☥ Blue, White, Purple Jasmine of Aswan and Abu-Simbel, Studio Limited - Crimson (Egyptian Red Musk).

Cherry Santalum ☥ Rich Egyptian Cherry Essence, creme of Vanilla Bean, Studio Limited - Santalum and a soft stirring of exotic Cacao.

Apricot Kobalt ☥ African Apricot, Apricot Cream, Vanilla Cream, SL: Kobalt.

Egyptian Peach Blossom ☥ Egyptian Summer Peach Orchard, Egyptian Sandalwood (SL: Santalum) and Egyptian Vanilla Resin (SL: Kobalt)

Blueberry Crystal ☥ Egyptian Summer Blueberry within the beauty of harmonized Vanilla and Musk (Nokturne:Crystal).

Honeysuckle Crystalline ☥ Egyptian Honeysuckle, Blue European Honeysuckle, White Japanese Honeysuckle crystal and Egyptian Vanilla  (SL: Crystalline).

Raspberry Kobalt ☥ Aromatic Egyptian Raspberry, rich Egyptian Vanilla (SL: Kobalt).

Frangipani Egyptian Musk ☥ Egyptian Frangipani, Egyptian Jasmine, Egyptian Lilac, Italian Bergamot, Irish Plumeria resting gently in a bath of exquisite original Studio Limited - Egyptian Musk . (originally named Frangipani Nokturne)

Papaya White Santalum ☥ Papaya, White Santalum, Peach essence, Pineapple rind, drop of Moonstone Vanilla and Australian Sandalwood

Pink Grapefruit Frankincense CrystallinePink Grapefruit Essential Oil, Crystalline, Egyptian Frankincense Resin, Ruby Red Essential Oil, Caramelized Grapefruit Skin, California White Sage and a drop of Amber Musk Absolute.

Star Fruit Mango & Egyptian Musk ☥ Fresh Star Fruit essence, Egyptian Musk, Hawaiian Mango, Peach essence, crushed Star Fruit seeds.


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