Dan Brereton's Nocturnals Collections 1 & 2

NOTICE the Nocturnals are joining the Permanent Collection sometime in 2023 with a new small label look, new perfume and a new bottle.  "Collaborations" is being retired.  Poppy Z Brite and Midnight Syndicate are both retiring at the end of 2022.


Nocturne Alchemy presents The Nocturnals fragrances.  Scents created representing the Author's imaginary sense of smell for the characters of the Nocturnals. Created by Nocturne Alchemy and Emerson Hart with the author/artist Dan Brereton.


"The fragrances created by Nocturne Alchemy are amazing - somehow they managed to capture the dimension of the characters that I've never even touched on- scents inspired by their personalities, as well as their individual styles."
~Dan Brereton
"I have always been a fan of Dan's work, but the Nocturnals have always been a part of my Halloween heart. Being able to work and collaborate with Dan has been a dream come true. Dan has an excellent sense of scent when it comes to his characters and that only made my job easier in the process in our perfume writing. Perfume that crosses artwork with the sense of a little darkness, amber, spice and of course, Halloween." ~Emerson Hart

Signed Collection information at the bottom of this page


Judge Hemlock – California Sage, Ash accord, Fennel essence, Dandelion essence, Sweetgrass, Cedar, Black Hemlock

Nyx – Essences of Cedarwood, Cinnamon-Apple infusion, Blackberry, Oak, Honeysuckle, Black Currant, Strawberry and Japanese Hinoki Wood essential oil bathing in a full moon of Bastet’s Amber Absolute (perfume created under a full moon in the NA SF Studio)

Ajax – Vanilla fleck-Caramelized Honeysuckle, Cinnamon husk essence(removed), Clove and Ginger essential oils, Vanilla Bean, Melted Bastet’s Ice Cream accord, Crystalline essence

Thorne – Cedar, Ginger, Palo Santo wood, Hawthorn fruit, Blackberry, Acai Berry, Labdanum-Benzoin-Sweet Sandalwood blend

Keera – Sweet Red Sandalwood, Smoked Sandalwood, Galbanum, Sandalwood Chips, Burning Embers and Santalum (Studio Limited Sandalwood) Absolute

Annabel  - Blood Rose Petals, Turkish Rose, Black Amber, Bastet’s Amber Absolute, Black Patchouli and Egyptian Rose Water

Jammybottoms - A sweet decadence of Vanilla swimming in a vat of melted Bastet’s Ice Cream blend:  Vanilla Crystalline Cream, Butter accord, Caramel Accord, French Vanilla Bean Absolute, Vanilla Milk accord, Vanilla Orchid, Crystalline Absolute and Vanilla Sugar with Bourbon Vanille Absolute, Eternal Ankh Vanilla Orchid Absolute, Black French Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Absolute, Tonka Bean and Butter Cream Frosting



GUNWITCH: Kashmir Red Musk, Himalayan Cedarwood, Hungarian Patchouli, Romanian Vetiver, Egyptian Sandalwood, Arabian Frankincense Resin, Egyptian Myrrh, Black Pepper Whole & sifted in a Cedar Barrel aged.  This is a viscous oil and you may want to change out the lid and orifice dropper.  Do not simply take out the insert and recap, the caps are made with the insert in mind.  

EVENING (Halloween Girl): Crystallized Black Pumpkin, Vanilla Musk spiced with: warm Cinnamon, Cassia leaves, Clove dust, Cemetery Musk, Ghost Pirate Rum-infused Artemisia Absinthium (distilled herbs and spices of Anise, Grand Wormwood, Hyssop and Melissa) and blended in a Black Sandalwood Cauldron.

DOC HORROR: Leather, White Musk, Mahogany Wood, Cemetery Musk, Rosewood Resin, Amber Resin, Hungarian Black Lavender, Hungarian Blue Clove, Black Pepper, Blood Orange Rind, and Werewolf Fur (accord).

FIRELION: Guaicwood, Bourbon Vanilla, Green Cardamom, Fire Coriander, Vanilla Musk, Egyptian Saffron, Ozymandias Amber: Resin of Royal Sweet Frankincense, Languid Amber filtered through Royal Amber Resin and harsh-less white pepper essential oil (see Nocturne Alchemy Pharaohs & Queens of Egypt to purchase Ozymandias and to layer with this perfume oil).

STARFISH: Pale whispers of botanical Sky Blue Jasmine, Muguet and Narcissus, Magnolia Blossom, Egyptian Purple Heather Musk, Waterlily, Kelp, Saltwater Musk, Blue Sandalwood and ethereal Egyptian Musk.

KOMODO (AKA Dragon Boy): Peru Balsam, English Bergamot, Blue Violet, Balsam Tolu, Amber, Sandalwood White, White Patchouli Wood (sifted and removed), Black Vanilla, Russian Teak and Amber Resin created in the Studio just for Komodo.

POLYCHROME: Ethereal Rose Petal Essence, Egyptian/Arabian/Indian Sandalwood blend, Egyptian Red Musk and a drop of Amber Musk.

RACCOON: Halloween spices of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove and Cardamom blended into a Leather accord, Teak and Sandalwood Extract, Cotton Candy accord, French Vanilla Elixir, Lavender, Mandarin and NA Amber.

Due to limited nature of this product, perfume available only in 5mL bottle.


SIGNED LIMITED SETS AVAILABLE for Collection 1 or 2 in the drop-down.  Each perfume label is signed by Dan Brereton and included in each is one signed postcards of either collection purchased.  These are very limited and exclusively signed by the Nocturnals' artist.

SIGNED COMPLETE SET - Only a few available.  Includes Signed Collection 1 & Signed Collection 2, both signed Postcards for both collections

No longer available 12.20.22*Nocturnals Halloween*: Halloween Pumpkin Pie Spices, Pumpkin Incense, Grande Guggal Incense, Black Kashmir Musk, Aged Crimson Egyptian Red Musk, Wicked woods of Red Cedar and Redwood, haunted spices of Black Cardamom and rich Golden Sandalwood.

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