Music, Art, Words and Perfume

Music, Art, Words and Perfume

     Perfume is poetry, it is music, it is art and it is loved.  How do we begin to create something in the world that is, in and of itself, already beautiful?  We first must learn to experience life and the layers that we live through that make us unique.  The first half of my life was experience, exploration and fascination.  How do things work, what do poets mean beyond the words, how does that painting affect me with its colour and the emotion in the strokes?  The rest of my life is the continuance of these things but now I have enough paint in my paintbox to create... It occurred to me listening to Mahler’s Adagietto from Symphony No 5; at first there is a tender moment that opens softly like a breeze from the window and the curtains billow.  At that moment it began to make sense.  From each interpretation of Mahler's Adagietto, by different conductors and their variations, it is feyn to realize that there is no metronome indication, it’s simply the interpretation from the conductor that creates the mood in which their ear pervades.  At the heart of the Adagietto, is a beautiful storm in the ocean of romantic uncertainty, does love survive when ultimately an unknown storm comes into the lives of the lovers?  This music was written as a love letter from Gustav to Alma (also a musician), to which later she became his wife.  The Adagietto concludes with a Rondo-Finale and an exhale.  I can say it is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard and at the heart of it, is the beauty but without the first tender moment or at the end when we hear the theme in Rondo-Finale, do we understand fully the exhale of music is more than music could ever be. 

     Perfume is more than the sense of smell, by the interpretation and by the composer.  I call us composers not perfumers or perfumists or even alchemists anymore…we’ve evolved what we do simply by listening to the notes before us, the way a composer would listen to the music on the sheet, we listen to the notes we’ve written and instinctively decide what amount, what type, does it connect with the other elements and do they play music from opening, heart to end? 

     You may have noticed the descriptions are now streamlined to perfume notes only, well, we did that for a reason.  We’ll be publishing a companion book to our perfumes in the future and each story, poem or prose that once was, will be again and in some cases, expanded upon.

     A little about Nocturne Alchemy.  For over fifteen years now we’ve explored many countries, met with many perfume experts and cultivators and we always wanted to do something different, bring art to you to cherish and always in small quantities at a time. We spend months, sometimes years working on perfume to get it right. We want perfume that we create to be proud of and to wear ourselves.  I don’t believe there is anything in our perfume library we would not wear and if there was, it simply would never be on our site.

     Nocturne Alchemy is from the House of NA, Inc. the head of both NA and eNVie parfum. Each company has two separate studios but the NA Studio is much older, holds many perfumes in the library of knowledge and is something we will continue and expand upon. The Permanent Collection is the perfumes that were with us from the beginning.  It is not simply that we began back in October 2006, but many years before that working on these perfumes to premiere at that time.  So, as much as we’d like to say we’re in our fifteenth year as a perfume company, it’s more than this. We consider 2023 just the edge of our 19th year.

     NA has been streamlined into four Collections: Permanent Collection, where you’ll find Bastet’s Garden, Eternals, Egypt & her Wonders…or the VApothecary perfumes Immortals, Etherias, Goblins and more.  In the Limited Collection, you’ll find thematic perfumes based on holiday, cultures, art, poetry, music…and these rotate out FIVE times a year or more (Bastet's Bazaar or Thoth's Archives sometimes join the annual line up with very special releases). Next is the Studio Limited which is broken into limited perfumed collections.  In the Originals section, you can find single notes and beautiful blends using single notes like Crystalline, Egyptian Musk, Kobalt.  There is also the aforementioned Osirian Purnima, incense perfume for the skin created with beautiful elements we are all so very proud of.   The Ombre perfume, created by Jacek Rose and Seth Kincaid (Vapothecary), this perfume is to represent shadows of scent. These composers wanted to amplify patchouli, vetiver and take perfumes from the Studio Limited Originals and give them more texture and depth.  Next we move into Collaborations.  These perfumes are simply interpretations of characters from books, comic books, music, words, poetry.  Our collaborative perfumes are licensed, created via intimate consultation with the original artist. They are licensed and acquired by and from the original artist we've collaborated with. We do not condone copyright infringement in any form and thoroughly respect the intellectual property of our artists.  There are also exclusive Collections created in Limited batches within the Studio Limited like Musk Haven and the Observatory.  These are in beautiful cylindrical bottles with golden domed lids and very special to us.

     You’ll note there are some ‘Exclusives’ near the bottom of the home page, these are new collections from eNVie parfum and we have more coming.  We must continue to evolve and interpret and create and explore and imagine because there’s more to this life than simply twisting the lid of a perfume bottle.  The library of scent at Nocturne Alchemy awaits you.  Explore but by all means, take your time and enjoy the moment.

     What is to come?  Stay tuned to the Thoth's Scroll section in the Menu for the latest information.  Studio Limited are not all going to last forever, we will bring them back when we can via a Resurgence (a 2nd and last time at the store) but often times the notes are no longer attainable, cultivated or the business that grew the botanical notes for us is no longer in business.  They are here for now, but they won’t always be and we won’t always be able to bring them back, so take home into your own Perfume Library what you can, but understand even at request, if they become sold out, they might possibly be sold out forever. 

     And as the Adagietto exhales, I thank you, our loyal customer base, for being with us along the way.  We chose now the beautiful city of Las Vegas as the home base of the House of NA, Inc. The beauty of this city breathes fresh air from the desert, an artistic culture hidden beneath the glam of the casinos and shows.  Air is a beautiful component of blending perfume and fresh clean air from the desert allows a new perspective. 

From our new home to yours.  You are always welcomed.

With love.

Nocturne Alchemy

House of NA, Inc.