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Lycan Van-Choco: Kobalt Vanilla, Crystal Vanilla, Black Star dark Egyptian Cacao (+ Sapphire, Blood Orange), Black Diamond Egyptian and Belgium dark chocolate, French Sugar Vanilla, Crystallized Sandalwood and a drop of Velvet Cedar.

Chocolate Absinthe: Green Mint Fairy Essential Oil, Benedictine Absinthe Anise, Egyptian Anise, a Brown Sugar Cube, Bavarian Chocolate Cocoa, German Wermuth, Hyssop, Chocolate Nibs, Star Anise, Meadowsweet, Basil and Sweet Fennel.

Mocha Minion: Italian Coffee, Coffee Bean Essential Oil, Italian Vanilla Cream, Chocolate dust and shavings and a chunk of chocolate fudge brownie for minion choco overdose! 

Necromancer: Black Violette, Green Absinthe, Ginger Root, fresh Soil and a drop of Bluegrass.

Pumpkin Bat: Cookie Dough, Pumpkin and spice, Sugar, Hungarian White Cinnamon and vanilla bean fleck.

Count Choco: Cocoa Absolute of Persia, India and the West Indies, Cocoa liquor, Wheat, Cocoa Powder, Vanilla Powder, Mallow and Chocolate Soy Milk.

Bat's Brew: Apricot, Hot Cocoa, Chile, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Black Vanilla, Faux Ambergris, Chocolate Bat Wings and Chocolate Bat breath.

Spooktacular: Vanilla Essence, Mallow Root, Whispers of Sugar and UnEarthly Spooktacular Vanilla Bean pods. New formulation with Bastet's Ice Cream Accord.  It is quite spooktacular.

Sherbat: Vanilla cloud, Vanilla Bean, Sugar, Blood Orange, Tangerine, Peach powder and Blue Night Muguet.

Devil Cake: Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Frosting, Sugar, Evil and Cocoa dust.

Pina Ghoulata: Tropical Pineapple, Coconut Milk, Jamaican Coconut Shaving, Rum Spice, Bay Rum and Key Lime powder.

Mumiyah Cake: Black Tea, Chai Spices, Chocolate Cake Accord and bits of ancient bitumen linen and salt.

Nemisynthe: Green Anise, a Sugar Cube, Juniper, Chocolate Cocoa, Grande Wormwood, Hyssop, Sweet Flag, Melissa and Florence Fennel.

Gremlin Cake: Chocolate Cake, Shredded Coconut, Sweet Butter, Vanilla Musk and toasted Pecans.

Demonseed Cake: Italian Lemon E/O, Candied Lime Zest, Bergamot E/O, Black Poppyseed, Marshmallow, drop of clove and a hint of White Musk Cake Batter.