Choose from 2mL vial, 5mL bottle in the drop-down.  Please note our lids are Phenolic and do not have an insert/orifice.  Please note ALL Permanent Collection will move from traditional amber bottles to the new Slender Blue bottle with insert and shiny gold-tone screw lid beginning 2024 on collection at a time will be upgraded.

AIR: Shu Green Musk of Aswan, NA Magenta Amber, Mimosa and NA Limestone sedimental of Amber from the Pyramids.

EARTH: Geb Pandanus Flower, Nile root, White Sandalwood, burning embers from the Temple and NA sedimental of wet sand from the edge of the River Nile.

ETHER: Khepri Black and Gold Myrrh of Arabia, Cinnamon of the Sahara, Incense of Egypt, Liquid Ambar of Honduras and a drop of Gingerlily from Cairo.

FIRE: Sekhmet Vetiver-Cardamom-Oak and Cypress, Arabian Oud, White Clove, Resinated Gardenia and Myrrh Resin off the Coast of Alexandria.

WATER: Re-Atum Crystalized Ginger, Diffused Lime, White Pine Needle, Papaya of Cairo, Mandarin, N:Lazuli (Jasmine) and Grapefruit essence.

Slight solidity within the bottle/vial may occur from warm to cold or room temperature, this is natural due to the concrete notes within each oil and extreme changes in temperature. Warmed in the hand will dissolve the solidity.  Roll in warm hands.

Concrete, in perfumery, is a semi-solid mass obtained by solvent extraction of fresh plant material.