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AIR: Shu Green Musk of Aswan, NA Magenta Amber, Mimosa and NA Limestone sedimental of Amber from the Pyramids.

EARTH: Geb Pandanus Flower, Nile root, White Sandalwood, burning embers from the Temple and NA sedimental of wet sand from the edge of the River Nile.

ETHER: Khepri Black and Gold Myrrh of Arabia, Cinnamon of the Sahara, Incense of Egypt, Liquid Ambar of Honduras and a drop of Gingerlily from Cairo.

FIRE: Sekhmet Vetiver-Cardamom-Oak and Cypress, Arabian Oud, White Clove, Resinated Gardenia and Myrrh Resin off the Coast of Alexandria.

WATER: Re-Atum Crystalized Ginger, Diffused Lime, White Pine Needle, Papaya of Cairo, Mandarin, N:Lazuli (Jasmine) and Grapefruit essence.