Thoth rediscovers NA perfume and brings back all recent ELEVEN special editions of Eternal Egypt in Thoth's Archive Vol 1.

Returning in beautiful luxury display bottles at 6ml with golden dome lids. Limited from 25-35 bottles each perfume name. Available while supplies last or up to May 30th midnight when these and the Spring Limited leave the store. See NEWS section for updated details on Store Closure May 30th.


The idea of THOTH'S ARCHIVE is to bring back an exclusive Collection that was first offered through many different Limited Collections throughout years and bring them back in one place for a limited time (or while supplies last); sometimes (like this EE Collection) with updated special special bottles that were not offered before.  Sometimes in our Amber bottles or new labels.  In the event we cannot resurrect a complete collection - we may include a new perfume to take its place.  Art of Love, Art of Literature, Eternal Ankh Colors, Prehistoria (Seth's Dinosaurs and flying ancient winged beasts)...we'll see how Vol 1. goes before we promise anything. -Thoth

Eternal Egypt Rose – Rose de Mai Absolute, Rose Damascena, Egyptian Musk, Sweet Benzoin resin, Crimson Musk Absolute and White Amber Absolute

Eternal Egypt Nag Champa – Australian Sandalwood, Champaka absolute, Frangipani, Egyptian Musk, Benzoin and White Amber Absolute

Eternal Egypt Frankincense - White Amber, Red Egyptian Musk, Egyptian Amber, Oman Frankincense, Elemi Resin, Egyptian Musk and Opopanax Resin

Eternal Egypt Myrrh - White Amber, Red Egyptian Musk, Egyptian Amber, Egyptian Myrrh, Red Myrrh, Egyptian Musk and Myrrh Resin

Eternal Egypt Santal – Australian Sandalwood, NA Santalum White Absolute, NA Santalum Absolute, Red Sandalwood chips, Egyptian Musk and White Amber Absolute

Eternal Egypt Vanille – NA Crystal Absolute, Vanilla Musk, Bastet’s Ice Cream accord made with 100% organic vanilla bean blend, NA Bourbon Vanille Absolute, Crystalline, Vanilla Beans and White Amber Absolute 

Eternal Egypt Almonde – French Almond essence, Almond Paste, Pistachio essence, Tonka Bean, NA Crimson Absolute, eNVie saphir and White Amber Absolute

Eternal Egypt Ambre – Bastet’s Amber Absolute, Labdanum, Cedar essential, Palo Santo essential, Black Patchouli, Benzoin, Heliotrope, Smoked Balsam of Peru, Italian Lavandin, Black Pepper and White Amber Absolute

Eternal Egypt Lavender –French Lavender, Bulgarian Lavender, Bastet Amber, Blue Yarrow, Lavandin, Egyptian Musk, NA White Amber Absolute

Eternal Egypt Incense - Sweet Frankincense, Myrrh, Amber Accord, Benzoin Absolute, Bastet Amber Absolute, Labdanum Absolute, Australian Sandalwood, Black Patchouli Leaf, NA White Amber Absolute and Egyptian Musk Absolute

Eternal Egypt Gold – White Amber, Egyptian Musk, Bastet Amber, Sandalwood Absolute, Lily of the Valley, SL Crimson Absolute, NA Kyphi, Guaiac wood, Lavender, Mandarin, aged Moonstone (Studio Limited) and Eternal Ankh Vanilla Husk and fleck

6ml glass cylindrical bottle with dropper insert and golden domed lid. 

eNVie saphir is from eNVie parfum, currently closed during moving transition.  eNVie parfum is part of the House of NA