Studio Limited Deux

A new ongoing collection of perfume using the best NA Studio perfume created for fans by fan suggestions.  Selecting two beautiful fan-favourite Studio Limited (classic or forthcoming) notes perfect for layering; created here in the bottle so that you don't have to layer.  Ready to wear.  Expertly blended at the perfect ratio by our Master Perfumers. You can always add more of your SL Original perfume to create a deeper scent of your choice.

The Studio Limited Originals are perfumes created by Nocturne Alchemy built from the most beautiful perfume notes (and single notes), accords, resins and creations in our Studio and from around the world. Sometimes rare, often times luxuriant; Studio Limited is just that, perfume offerings that are limited due to their ingredients and availability. Individual Studio Limited Collection items will be available until sold. Perfumes are available in both 5mL amber only, no samples are available. This Collection will continue to expand with new and exciting perfumes.

Studio Limited Deux

  • Bloodstone/Ember
  • Blue Topaz/Santalum White
  • Bourbon Vanille/Santalum
  • Crimson/Kashmir
  • Crimson/Kobalt
  • Crimson/Santalum
  • Crystalline/Patchouli
  • Crystalline/Santalum
  • Egyptian Musk/Santalum
  • Coming soon! Garnet/Bourbon Vanille
  • Indigo/Crystalline
  • Kashmir/Egyptian Musk
  • Kobalt/Crystalline
  • Kobalt/Moonstone
  • N2/Santalum
  • Patchouli/Vetiver
  • Santalum/Patchouli

More to come.

Ingredients can be found within the Studio Limited Collection: SL Originals.  Two Studio Limited expertly measured and combined at ratio's that allow each note to be individual and a deux, no other ingredients.

In 5ml Amber bottle with phenolic lid.

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