Studio Limited Bastet's Bazaar

You found me!  Hi.  I'm on my way from a distant shore, me and my caravan of goodies.  And by the way, that's not the real price, the prices will arrive properly when the Bazaar is open.  For now, this is just a little information on what the Bastet's Bazaar is about.

What is Bastet's Bazaar?  This is a special place that will appear two times a year (at any given time, don't worry, we'll let you know on our official Nocturne Alchemy Facebook page ahead of time).  The Bazaar will bring unique goods twice a year for two weeks each time.  You'll have the opportunity to try things I will be presenting; body butter, incense sticks, incense resin, crystals, sun catchers, very special perfume...unique items only found in Bastet's Bazaar.  But for only two weeks.

The catch?  Only for two weeks and not a second after those two weeks, so you'll have to make sure you do what you need to do to be here.  This will be run only by me, Bastet (with assistance from Thoth or Freja), and once the Bazaar is gone, whatever was there may never be there again (even at the next Bazaar), so you now know in advance how this will work and to arrive early because we want to keep the offerings new each time and most likely will not restock any previous Bazaar offering at the next.  Twice a year!!  Two weeks at a time.  Then me and my caravan go back on the road to look for new and exciting things to bring to you at the next Bastet's Bazaar.  The actual page you are on will disappear.

Coming soon.  Body Butter, Eternal Ankh Colours (that were not part of the Summer Update), and a few special treats.

Check back on our Facebook page.

Love and purrs,

XO ~Bastet