Studio Limited Anniversary

Perfumes celebrating the scents of Nocturne Alchemy. With rare and treasured components added to original recipes we wanted to offer something extremely special to you. Recreating and reconstructing the original from the ground up with exquisite additional notes to make this Collection shine beyond the original but just as comparable. 5mL amber bottle.

**PLEASE NOTE as previously stated late 2020 - This is the last year of the SL Anniversary blends AND the 'DARK' blends (Dark blends are in the Studio Limited Originals).  Due to the pandemic and thus not having the ability to source every note for each of these special blends has become difficult and impossible; once these perfumes are depleted they will not be available at check out/drop-down to purchase.  Some will sell out from the inventory before others and they will not be restocked.  At the end of 2021 they will no longer be available at all - they will not return in 2022 nor restocked. 

Eternal Aswan Anniversary – Celebrating a decade of the original PC Eternal Aswan's Royal Mountain Laurel and created fresh again with added perfume elements of Black Amber, Cedar Essence, Egyptian Tea, Coconut Milk, Yuzu and Frankincense tears.

Nefertiti Anniversary – Celebrating a decade of the original PC Nefertiti, reimagined in Black Rose, Black Sandalwood, White Amber, African White Vanilla, Oak moss, Limestone Amber, Himalayan Fossilized Amber Oil, touch of Incense accord and Crimson Egyptian Musk

Akhenaten Anniversary – Celebrating a decade of the original PC Akhenaten, reimagined in Mandarin, Lavender, Clove, Nutmeg, Black Pepper, Amber, Bastet’s White Amber, Crystalline, Orange Blossom and Bergamot infused Parisian Chypre

Egyptologist Anniversary: NAVA ICON Egyptian Oudh to the celebration, nuances of Vanilla Crystalline Resinoid, pure Frankincense, a drop of Gold Myrrh from Cairo and a drop of Osirian Purnima Incense Absolute. Tobacco Flower, Cedar, Sage, Red Egyptian Musk, Lavender and Orange Spice with a touch of saffron

Eternal Alexandria Anniversary: NA Sand Note (Papyrus, Vellum and Amber Oils), White Amber, Nokturne:Sapphire (Egyptian Amber Musk) and just a few drops of Egyptian Organic Cardamom; we then recreated the perfume with same ingredients along with aged Himalayan Fossilized Amber Oil, Black Teak Essence, White Cardamom from India, N5 Musk and a drop of Alexandrian Oud (Studio created), along with a few drops more of aged Sapphire.  2017 edition with aged Amber Musk and Oud.

Eternal Ankh Anniversary: White Amber, Vanilla Amber Incense Resin, Crystal, Kobalt, Cream Kobalt, Vanilla-Sandalwood, Kerala Vanilla, Powdered and reconstructed oil of Egyptian Vanilla Husk, Vanilla fleck, African White Vanilla, Limestone Amber, Himalayan Fossilized Amber Oil, Amber Musk, Sandalwood Resin, Warm Vanilla Wood and Crimson Egyptian Musk.

Eternal Cairo Anniversary: Rich and luxuriant Ambers from and around Egypt. Black Musk, Black Sandalwood and Golden Red Kashmir.  Egyptian Amber, Egyptian Red Amber, White Amber and Egyptian Musk.

Eternal Egypt Anniversary White Amber, Himalayan Fossilized Amber Oil, Red Egyptian Musk, Vanilla Amber Incense Resin, Crystal, Kobalt, Sandalwood-Amber Resin, Egyptian Oakmoss, Palo Santo Wood, Egyptian Amber, Vegan Ambergris (studio created), Amber Wood and Egyptian Musk Essential.

Eternal Luxor Anniversary: NA Amber, Golden Egyptian Fig, Creamy Coconut Milk and Toasted Coconut Oil. Black Fig, Coconut-infused Cedar, Coconut-Vanilla infused Amber Resin, Crystal Kyphi, Pear and California Redwood.

Eternal Nile Anniversary: White and Blue Florals of the Nile, White Amber, Egyptian Musk and Egyptian Amber. Nokturne, N2, N3, N4, N5, N6 Musks, Sandalwood Resin, Vanilla Bean Resin, Fossilized Amber and NA Anniversary Kyphi.

Pharaoh Anniversary: Water Lily, Heliotrope, Mimosa, Bergamot, Alexandrian Sea Salt, Amber and Musk. Anniversary blend brings the smokiness of NAVA ICONIC Arabian Oudh, NAVA Amber Resin Absolute, Frankincense Pure and White Myrrh of Aswan grown especially for our perfume company.


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