Resurgence Spring Limited Collection 2018


NA Studio is closing June 5-17 and this Resurgence will be unavailable during that time but will return on June 18-22.  This is due to low stock that will not be restocked once sold out.  We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Welcome to the Resurgence Spring Limited Collection!

Resurgence are brought back when components are attainable.  These perfumes are smaller in quantity and when sold out, will not return within the window of the Resurgence and quite possibly, ever again.  Not all perfumes in the Resurgence can return due to the component issues.  If a favorite is not on the list, it is because of this and sold out during the original offering and will not be offered again.  Resurgence and all of the Limited Collections are only in 5mL amber bottle

PLEASE NOTE Shipping is currently 2-3 weeks and this does not include weekends or holidays. Please also have a look at the Resurgence Spring offerings also in the Limited Collection area.  Be advised the most traffic of orders comes from the update weekend and following week, this pushes orders in excess of up to three weeks. Ordering later in the update can ship in as little as 1-2 weeks but we always strive to ship as fast as we can. We treasure what we do in running a small business and take our time creating everything by hand and carefully packing your perfumes, choosing the right samples and overall this prevents errors. We thank you for your understanding.  As always "add-ons" will bump you from the queue, but we will do our best to stay within the 2-3 week ship window.

All of the perfumes in the Resurgence are at their final return and will not come back again.  Perfumes are recreated as 2018 editions using the same ingredients and techniques.  You will find some are not here but that is because of ingredient limitations and unfortunately can never return.  This is the very last time you will see any of these perfumes from this collection again.  Once sold out, there will be no more and we do not keep extra stock.  Please order your favorites before they are gone for good.

Purpose Oils:

Spirit Light: Egyptian Jasminum Grandiflorum, Bastet's White Amber Absolute, Egyptian Musk, a touch of Egyptian Pink Musk, NAVA Incense Accord and Jasmine Petals.

Focus: Egyptian Cinnamon Bark, Heartwood of Palo Santo Essential Oil, Moroccan Rosemary, Australian Lime Essence Pure, Egyptian Frankincense Resin, Amber Resin and California White Sage.

Strength: Sky Musk, Solar Amber, White Patchouli, Egyptian Dragon Blood Resin, Kobalt Vanilla Resin, Bastet's Blue Incense Accord, Orange Zest and Lavender Buds.

Inner Love: South African Rose Geranium, Egyptian Pink Lotus Pure, Rose Damascena Pure, NAVA Amber Pure, Egyptian and Arabian Sandalwood and a kiss of Crystalline Vanilla Absolute

Protection: Sandalwood Gold, Sandalwood White, Egyptian Sandalwood-Amber, Rosewood Incense, California White Desert Sage and Crystal Vanilla Absolute.

Guidance: French and Egyptian Lavender Buds, White Musk, Ylang Ylang Absolute, Boswellia Rivae Frankincense Resin, Orange Essential, Limestone Resin and Vanilla Flecks


Art of Love Resurgence:

The Bower Garden:  Black and Red Currant Essence, Dragon's Blood Resin, French Syrah Red Wine Accord, German Lilac, Egyptian Fig and Sandalwood Musk.

Joan d’Arc: Black Honey and Rosewood, Temple Incense, Crystal, Vanilla Butter Cream, Kashmir and whole Georgian Vanilla Bean.

Astarte Syriaca: German and Japanese Silverberry fruit, Cream Soda accord, Ozymandias Absolute Amber and a drop of Bastet's Blue Amber Absolute.

Mariamne: Greek Honeysuckle, Japanese Vanilla Milk, White Sandalwood, Apricot Essence, N2 Musk, Crystalline Vanilla Water and soft Japanese Umber Incense

Love Amongst the Ruins: Fresh Orange infused White Amber, Cinnamon (whole), Limestone Amber, Egyptian Musk infused with Vanilla and a drop of White Clove essential Oil.

MUSIC: Sandalwood, White Pepper, Choyo Lobun, Immortelle, Agarwood, Santalum White, Aden Frankincense Tears, Oak essence, White Teak and Redwood Essence.

Anticipation: African Musk-infused-Patchouli, Caramelized Cedar, Blue Musk, Black Fig, Sandalwood Absolute, Blue Egyptian Sugar, French Vanilla, Tallulah Musk (VA accord) and Apricot Skin Musk.

Miranda the Tempest: Blueberry-infused-Lemongrass Water, Alexandrian Sea Salt, Blackberry Wine, Crystalline-Amber with Salted Caramel and Egyptian Blue Sugar crystals.

Boreas: Roman Blue Chamomile, Egyptian Iris, Italian Bergamot Essence, VA Black Rose Resin, Pear-infused-Teak, Dried Lavender, Pink Blossom and Daffodil

Hygieia: French Vanilla, Eternal Ankh Vanilla, Labdanum-Honey, Vanilla-infused-French Benzoin, Black Sugar, Santalum White and Crystalline.

Venus Veticordia: Persian Red Dragon's Blood, sustainable Guaiac Wood Absolute, Arabian Frankincense, Amber Honey accord, Blue Grass, Meditation Sage accord (created with raw sage essential oils in the NAVA Studio) and Bastet Amber Absolute

Holy Grail: Irish Oak moss, Benzoin infused Egyptian Frankincense tears, NAVA Vanilla Resin, Black Myrrh and a touch of Egyptian Sugar.

Egypt I: Golden Egyptian Frankincense Resin, Black Myrrh Resin, Black Coconut, Limestone Kyphi, crystallized Black Sugar, Coconut Water, Golden Blood Kashmir and Bastet Amber.

SOLD OUT!! Lamia: Spicy Cake Accord, Egyptian Honey Butter Cake, Coffee Cake Accord, Blue Sugar, Whole clove (sifted out) and Vanilla.

SOLD OUT!! Athena: Mediterranean Purple and Greek Blue Lavender, Nepalese Amber, Greek Leather Accord (vegan), Kashmir Musk Absolute, Black Cedar, Italian Mandarin, Bastet Amber Blue and Blue Suede Accord (vegan).

The Beguiling of Merlin: Golden and Black Honey, White Cognac, Kashmir Musk Absolute, Arabian Oudh (ICONS), Crimson and White Musk with a hint of Cola root 

SOLD OUT!! Hylas and the Nymphs: Alexandrian Lagoon Laurel, Alexandrian Sea salt, Caramelized-Cedarwood, a drop of Kashmir Incense, Vanilla Husk, Crystal and N3 Musk with a drop of White peppercorn essential oil.

SOLD OUT!! Cecilia: Hungarian Pine Needle E/O, Fresh Summer Rain accord, Blood Crimson (richer Crimson), Dragon's Blood essence and Bastet's Amber with a kiss of Crystalline.

SOLD OUT!!  Ariadne: Almond-Cherry-Heliotrope infusion, Blue Sugar, Crimson Musk, Black Cherry Peel and White Coconut-sugar


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