*NEW* Resurgence Halloween 2021 Limited Collection

Welcome to the Resurgence Halloween Nocturne Alchemy Limited Collection from 2021. 

Perfumes are available For 7 weeks beginning Saturday
September 10th @ 8am Pacific through October 29th @ 8pm Pacific
THERE ARE 31 perfumes for Resurgence.  Limited Collection perfumes are available for 7 weeks or may sell out before this time.  We do not have more inventory once a perfume sells out.  A resurgence is a 2nd return to the store in a smaller quantity and will NOT return a third time.
Perfumes are only available in 5ml amber bottle only unless noted otherwise.  There are no samples for Limited Collections. 
Add-on Cut-off is being accepted through September 13th TUESDAY at 3pm Pacific!  Provided your order has not shipped, please email Support@NocturneAlchemy.com with your order number and add-on selection!  Add-ons will no longer be excepted for a week after this date then we will announce add-ons again so that we can ship quickly for you to enjoy our perfumes throughout the Halloween season.  If you happen to order multiple times, we will use the shipping fees toward credit toward something else from the store but add-ons are easier for us so please do email your add-on request.
Once an item is sold out, it will state 'Sold Out' in the drop-down and you will  not be able to purchase.  There are no restocks for Limited Perfumes and Resurgence is a 2nd and last time at the store.  Quantities are even more limited.  These will not be restocked and we do not keep more than the inventory that is available at the site within this collection.


Halloween 2021 Nocturne Alchemy Limited Collection RESURGENCE

Vampire Wine Vintage 2021 made to age like a fine blood...wine.  Coagulated blood (perfume) should be shaken for these decadently aged wines (perfume).  Because Paypal may flag your 'wine' perfume, we have changed the name at the store (but the label remains 'wine'), to "Vamps".

Vampire Wine: Blue Blood Wine (Vamp Vamps Blue Blood Vamps for Paypal name) – Blueberry Wine accord, Blueberry accord, Shiraz wine accord with accents of Blackberry/Plum and soft Pepper followed through with a deep Black Patchouli undertone

Vampire Wine: Lilac Blood Wine (Vamp Vamps Lilac Blood Vamps for Paypal name) Lilac essence, Lilac accord, Syrah wine accord with accents of Vanilla and Musk followed through with Blood Kashmir Musk and Moonstone Absolute undertone

Vampire Wine: Raspberry Blood Wine (Vamp Vamps Raspberry Blood Vamps for Paypal name) – Raspberry accord, Raspberry Confit accord, Cabernet Sauvignon Wine accord with accents of strawberry/plum and pear followed through with Red Musks of Crimson and Kashmir and a hint of Bastet’s Musk undertone


Bastet’s Amber Halloween Collection Celebrating the essence of Halloween and the mesmerizing accord of Bastet’s Amber as the key ingredient in this special Collection.  Available only in our traditional 5ml amber bottle

Dancing with A Vampire – Blackberry, Raspberry and Strawberry essences dancing with Kashmir Red Musk, hints of Crimson Egyptian Musk, Rose Petals and Absolute with Bastet’s Amber Absolute: Amber Resin imported from Alexandria and lit from the truest essential oil of Rare and Exotic Guiacwood and Crystal Benzoin and Crystal Frankincense.

Dancing with The Devil – Light Rum spiced with Nutmeg and grounded with Hops, Cola Root, Orange and Lemon zest, Egyptian Vanilla-Sugar, Caramel, Cassia bark, Black Rum Musk accord and Bastet’s Amber Absolute: Amber Resin imported from Alexandria and lit from the truest essential oil of Rare and Exotic Guiacwood and Crystal Benzoin and Crystal Frankincense.

Dancing with A Wolf – Mahogany Wood, Sweet Teak, White Patchouli, Suede accord (vegan), a drop of Muguet and Bastet’s Amber Absolute: Amber Resin imported from Alexandria and lit from the truest essential oil of Rare and Exotic Guiacwood and Crystal Benzoin and Crystal Frankincense.


Chris Raimo's HallowNeon Collection - artwork by Chris Raimo for this special collection

Neon Bat – Pistachio and Vanilla Custard, Almond accord, Heliotrope, Honey candy accord, Black Patchouli, Bastet’s whipped Ice Cream accord, Crystalline Vanilla Absolute

Neon Mummy – Egyptian Turmeric, Vegan Milk accord, Clove/Cardamom/Ginger, Honey accord, Studio Limited Moonstone Absolute, drop of aged Bergamot and Egyptian Myrrh Incense

Neon Skull – Cream Soda accord, Vanilla Bean Liqueur, Black Cherry flesh, Indonesian Teak, Vanilla Custard and Bavarian Crème

Neon Vampire – Black Kashmir Musk, Fresh Dirt accord, tiny drop of mint, Ghost Musk accord, Hay accord, Petigrain, Bastet’s Musk and Bastet Amber absolute

Neon Vampiress – Rose scented Buttercream accord, Vanilla Buttercream accord, Centifolia Rose absolute, Saffron, Oudh essence, Studio Limited: Crimson and Kashmir Red Musks and Bulgarian Rose absolute

Neon Ghost – Strawberry accord, Cheesecake accord, Vanilla Bean, Caramelized Marshmallow accord, Studio Limited Crystalline Vanilla absolute and Cardamom Crème accord

Neon Sea Creature – Golden Caramel accord, Vanilla essence, Caramel Popcorn accord, Studio Limited Crystalline Vanilla infused Caramel Custard

Neon Mumpkin – Raw Pumpkin (mummy) dust, Arabian Myrrh wood, Egyptian Frankincense, Horchata Smoothie accord (with cinnamon, rice milk and sugar), Blackened Fig essence, Amber of rock wood/sandalwood/benzoin/labdanum/cedar/tonka bean and White Patchouli

Neon Reaper – White Sandalwood, Almond essence, Coconut Toffee, Chocolate covered Cacao Bean, Chocolate Cake accord with Butterscotch and Bastet’s Musk absolute

Neon Cat – Vanilla Cupcake with Buttercream frosting, Coconut Crème, Coconut Pudding accord, Studio Limited Crystalline Vanilla absolute with raw pumpkin shaving

Neon Wolf – Vegan Leather accord, Studio Limited Santalum absolute, Vanilla Bean, Russian Pine with Vanilla laced Pine Needles and Canadian Red Pine

Elixirs & Potions 2021

Otherworld Potion – Sweet Wood Lichen, Aged Atlas Cedar Bark, Chocolate Chip Cookies accord, Vanilla and Cacao extracts, Egyptian Musk, Black Amber with a drop of Sweet Anise and Frankincense Resin Incense

Belief Potion – White florals of Tuberose and Calla Lily accord, Tonka Bean, Oak Moss, Studio Limited Crimson Musk absolute, Sweet Musk, Lemon Sugar, Pineapple, Oakmoss accord, Bastet's Musk and Bergamot

Renewal Elixir – Japanese Yuzu, Pink Sugar accord, Lilac accord, Plum essence, Rose petals, Caramel crème, hints of fresh Raspberry and Strawberry accords with White Grape and White Peach

Netherworld Potion – Black Fig, Raw Pumpkin flesh, Burning Wood cinder accord, Bastet’s Amber, Black Currant, Cognac essence, Vanilla, Sandalwood and smoke accord from the Nether


Sugar Animals 2021 created to be worn alone or as a Halloween blend with your favourite NA perfume of choice for your own special NAlchemy experience

Sugar Bunny – Sugar, Rice Milk, Bastet’s Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream accord, Vanilla Bean, Drizzle of Caramelized Pink Sugar accord and Horchata spices (light spices of clove, nutmeg, allspice and cinnamon)

Sugar Dog – Blue Sugar, Rice Milk, Limestone Amber accord, Golden Caramel and Horchata spices (light spices of clove, nutmeg, allspice and cinnamon)

Sugar Cat – Studio Limited Moonstone Vanilla Absolute, Rice Milk, Blue Sugar, Cardamom, Bastet’s French Vanilla Ice Cream accord and Horchata spices (light spices of clove, nutmeg, allspice and cinnamon)


NAlloween 2021 Spookables

Snap-Apple Night – A fresh take on Halloween Cider with Fresh Red Apples, hint of Nutmeg, Egyptian Musk, Bastet’s Musk, Bay Berry accord and a hint of Cinnamon ala a Cinnamon stick to stir

Tamlane – French Lavender, Bastet’s Musk absolute, Vanilla Chai with Cardamom and a hint of evening Black Tea, Black Sugar accord, Clove, Nutmeg, Allspice, Mandarin and Amber

Bonfire – Cardamom essence and Bastet’s Ice Cream absolute with burning embers accord, toasted Vanilla Marshmallows, Studio Limited Crystalline Vanilla absolute and Bastet’s Musk


31 Bats Library

The next collection of perfumes with 31 different bat personalities.  This is the returning four and there are also three new bats in the new Halloween LC 2022.  Collect all 31 Bats as they are released.  Exclusive art by Chris Raimo

Ms. Galore – Bay Rum accord, light spices of Nutmeg and Allspice, Sandalwood, Bastet’s Musk accord and  Maple toffee accord and brown sugar

Mr. Grimshaw – Lemon Curd accord, Key Lime, Pumpkin Pie spices of Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Clove, Vanilla Bean and a dribble of Black Cardamom

Mr. Hessian – Chai Spices of Ginger, Clove and Green Cardamom, Black Patchouli, Black Cedar, Sumatra Benzoin Resin, Vanilla Bean and Bourbon Vanille

Mr. Hart – Sacred Californian Palo Santo, Rum accord, Bastet’s Amber, Indian Vetiver, Indian Galbanum, Amber Attar NA Studio accord, Raisin accord, Guiacwood, Japanese Green Mandarin, Clove and eNVie saphir

Chris Raimo art labels for Nocturne Alchemy.  Please visit Chris' site

Chris Raimo Art



eNVie parfum from the House of NA can be found at envieparfum.com
saphir - Egyptian Amber & Musk Resin purified into natural notes of blue balsamic amber, sweet papyrus oil from Cairo and Siam benzoin that hints naturally of occurring warm and pure vanillin. Saphir has a natural longevity and will continue to age beautifully.  

Resins can settle and are natural.  Please give a shake or allow them to age into the perfume which will create a stronger, richer and deeper perfume.

Perfume is guaranteed to ship way in advance of the Halloween Season.  Expect 1-3 weeks for shipping but we will do our best to ship sooner.  Stick to the Limited Collections of Halloween and Resurgence and your order will ship fast!!  Waiting to the last few weeks of the update will NOT guarantee perfumes by the weekend of Halloween and Resurgence is NOT restocked nor will return again and we do not keep excess bottles in the Studio, all our stock is up for sale until sold out.  Resurgence does not return.

Halloween is ritual for the House of NA.  Please be safe, care for each other but most of all yourself and all your animals friends.  All notes listed are VEGAN as the House of NA is a vegan perfume company.  Established 2005.

Happy NAlloween!

All perfume bottles in photos shown empty for presentation.  If you have a sensitivity to a certain component/note/blend please do not purchase it.


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