Poppy Z Brite

Poppy Z Brite Collection 1

Collection One of perfume oils inspired by the literary characters of the author, Poppy Z. Brite.

Label art - painted on commission request from Nocturne Alchemy by the author/artist.

Due to the nature of these perfume blends, the perfumes are only available in 5ml Amber bottles and not offered as samples.

"NA's imaginative, frequently voodoo-esque scents will sweeten you and your world." PZB

PZB: Zillah - Perfume: Chartreux (Chartreuse) accord of blended herbs and honey, Green Musk, French Green Cognac (Parisian), Wormwood essential oil, Red Cedar and N4 Musk (Magnolia Blossom, Egyptian Blue Heather Musk, Blue Sandalwood, Muguet and Egyptian Musk).

PZB: Ghost - Perfume: Ethereal tincture of five Vanilla Incense Accords (Absolute, 44, Pure, French and Tibetan), Spun Sugar, Skin Musk, a drop of Clove.

PZB: Steve - Perfume: Five Skin Musks, smoke, a drop of North Carolina Red Maple accord, Honey-Amber Resin and Wood Sugar Musk.

PZB: Nothing - Perfume: Strawberry Accord, White Patchouli smoke, Gothic Pumpkin Spice (Cardamom, Black Cinnamon, Clove-Tobacco), Vanilla Musk Cream, Gold Sandalwood and a drop of Nag Champa Incense.

PZB: Christian - Perfume: Aged Blood Wine, Shiraz Wine, Red Musk Syrup, Russian Leather Accord, Tobacco-Musk and Egyptian Musk.

Photos of the original paintings by Poppy Z Brite commissioned for the labels.

Poppy Z. Brite is the author of eight novels, including Lost Souls, Exquisite Corpse, and Liquor, as well as several short story collections and nonfiction works. Brite now goes by the name Billy Martin and lives in New Orleans with his partner, the photographer and artist Grey Cross.

SIGNATURE SET (of all 5 perfumes) available for $140.  Signed sets are very limited and each of the five perfume labels are signed by Poppy Z Brite.  Use the dropdown to find the SET.

Photos are from the portraits commissioned by artist/author, Poppy Z Brite for this collection's labels.

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