Limited Collection *Holiday RESURGENCE 2017*

Please read the NEWS in the Menu for our schedule of future collections and when the NA Studio is closed for holidays. Studio will be closed November 22 - December 2 (closed on weekend of Dec 3 & 4) and we're back in the Studio December 5.  Ordered during the 'closed' Studio will ship when we return from break and if there is anyone reading this, there will be a Studio Limited update in December.  Keep watching the NEWS section for the date.

Resurgence are brought back when components are attainable.  These perfumes are smaller in quantity and when sold out, will not return within the window of the Resurgence and quite possibly, ever again.  Not all perfumes in the Resurgence can return due to the component issues.  If a favorite is not on the list, it is because of this and sold out during the original offering and will not be offered again.  Resurgence and all of the Limited Collections are only in 5mL amber bottle EXCEPT for Bastet's Ice Cream Original which is available in both 5mL and 10mL.  Price reflective in the drop down depending on size chosen.

PLEASE NOTE due to the high volume of the season, orders will take upward of 2-3 weeks (but we'll do our best to get them out to you in a faster turnaround).  Add-ons will add-on tat to your order.  Be advised.

HOLIDAY RESURGENCE 2017 November 10 - December 29th, 2017 midnight PST.

Free 1 mL sample for the HOLIDAY update is YOUR CHOICE of either - 'Crystalline' or 'Santalum' in Studio Limited Originals with your order! Limit of 1 SL sample per customer through the winter holiday season. (If you place a subsequent separate order(s), you'll still receive the standard complimentary hand-selected 1ml PC Vial sample!) If your order is over $25, we will upgrade your free sample of Crystalline or Santalum to a 2 mL tall vial! Ingredients for these free samples: Crystalline - beautiful Vanilla Orchid or Santalum - the beautiful Sandalwood blend. If you have an allergy please gift away to someone that may enjoy it, or state in the comments (at checkout), that you would not like to receive a free sample. No substitutions please, this is the free SL perfume sample for the HOLIDAY update! CHOOSE Crystalline or Santalum in the Comments at checkout, or leave the choice to us!  We really want everyone to try at least one, so it is either 1 for your initial order, subsequent orders will be for available random PC 1mL. Make sure to add your choice in the comments.

♆ Studio Limited Special Holiday Editions ♆ *note price is Resurgence SL Edition price

Studio Limited Holiday : Egyptian Gold Amber  A scent of amber-limestone that enhances with key organic elements of Sandalwood, Rock Rose Resin (this is a resin, not 'rose' related), Patchouli, Vetiver, Limestone and Amber-honey to create an infused organic Gold Amber from ingredients found only in Egypt.  Natural occurring resin can be seen in the oil, this will dissolve with aging and enhance the scent during the process.

Studio Limited Holiday : Egyptian Sandalwood  Egyptian Sandalwood wood is steam distilled with a base note of a soft nature. We then added a fraction of two other Organic Sandalwood to enhance the scent; Australian Sandalwood or Santalum Spicatum - which enhances the Egyptian and finally adding an East Indian Organic Santalum Album which gives the scent a smooth and lasting impression.

Studio Limited Holiday : Egyptian Gold Fig  Egyptian Gold Fig is created by distilling fig seeds and fresh fig skin a touch of Santalum White and a soft essence of skin musk underneath; the process of making oil from fig seeds and skin takes a few weeks but well worth the wait for this holiday SL offering.

Studio Limited Holiday : Egyptian Frankincense  Egyptian Frankincense resin steam distilled with a base note of a medium nature. We then added a fraction of two other Organic Frankincense to enhance the scent; Indian Frankincense or Boswellia Serrate - which enhances the Egyptian and finally adding a Middle Eastern Organic Boswellia Carterii which gives the scent a lasting impression.

Fresh, rejuvenating, a part of the Holy Oil from the Talmud and long used from the beginning of Ancient Egypt as an offering to Royalty and the Incense of Gods. Brought back from the Frankish Crusaders into Europe, thus Olibanum became Frankincense.

Studio Limited Holiday : Egyptian Myrrh  Egyptian Myrrh is created using actual Myrrh shrub wood as well as the the reddish tears that are turned to resin after hardening from the natural process of oleo resin-ation.  A beautiful scent on its own or when layered.

Studio Limited Holiday : Egyptian Gold Vanilla & Sandalwood Gold vanilla beans from Greece and created a beautiful golden vanilla essence; next we slowly dripped Sandalwood oil into the Gold Vanilla and let the Sandalwood and Vanilla permeate into each other. The process took almost three weeks to complete but well worth the wait.

Blue Lotus  Blending White, Pink and Blue Lotus, soft musks, Mimosa Flower and Neroli Blossom with a touch of Egyptian Black Tea.

Blue Velvet  Blueberry Essence, Blue Vanilla NAVA Accord and Blue Sandalwood hand blended into the NAVA Velvet Accord *Velvet Blend: Eternal Ankh, Jasmine, Vanilla bean, and musk all weave the scent of Eternal Ankh Vanilla Absolute.

Amber Velvet Decadent NAVA Amber 23 (23 different ambers), Amber Resin Absolute, a drop of Ozy Amber Absolute then hand blended into the NAVA Velvet Accord *Velvet Blend: Eternal Ankh, Jasmine, Vanilla bean, and musk all weave the scent of Eternal Ankh Vanilla Absolute.

Pomander Spice  Organic Orange Zest Essential Oil, Aged Crystalline, Santalum Pure, Egyptian and Roman Clove Essential oils and a drop of Bastet Amber.

Bastet’s Pink Snow  Pink Sugar Snow, Vanilla-Mint Cream, Crystalline and Crystal Vanilla and soft sweet Buttercream.

Snow Spell  Perfume of Wood Musk, Cedar, Sandalwood Extraction, White Egyptian Musk, Snow Vanilla, Cabernet Wine Accord, Moonstone, Iris and Magnolia Wood.

Blue Snow  Mulled Cider, Apples, Teak and Oak, a touch of sweet Redwood Musk, a Cinnamon stick stirred in, Clove whole, Blue Pine and Blue Fir.

Snow Amber  Snow Musk, Vanilla Absolute, Crystalline (Vanilla from the Studio Limited), Cemetery Musk, Amber Resin, Five year old aged Amber Extract, Sandalwood, Rosewood, a small touch of White Patchouli and Vanilla Benzoin in a soft Egyptian Musk cream.

California Redwood Crystal Musk  California Redwood Oil Absolute, Vanilla Musk (Crystal from the Studio Limited), Crystalline Absolute, White Pear Skin and Bastet's Amber underneath.

Raspberry Crystalline Cheesecake  A little perfume decadence; Black Raspberry Seeds, Raspberry Oil Absolute, Vanilla Cheesecake Accord, Vanilla Cream, Lime Zest Absolute, Lemon Absolute, Crystalline (Vanilla from the Studio Limited) and a drop of Bastet's Amber Pure.

Orange & Vanilla Sandalwood  Orange Essential Oil, Orange Zest, Blood Orange, Vanilla Bean Whole, Australian Vanilla Bean Flecks, Vanilla Cream, Australian Sandalwood, Santalum and White Santalum (Sandalwoods from the Studio Limited) and a drop of Crimson Red Musk.

Bastet’s Ice Cream (original)  Vanilla Crystalline Cream, Butter accord, Caramel Accord, French Vanilla Bean Absolute, Vanilla Milk accord, Vanilla Orchid, Crystalline Absolute and Vanilla Sugar. AVAILABLE in the dropdown in 5mL or 10mL (only for this LC perfume) PRICE REFLECTIVE IN WHICH SIZE YOU ORDER IN THE DROP DOWN.  Only 50 limited bottles available of the 10mL size. 

Bastet’s Ice Cream – Hot Cocoa The original blend (above) along with notes of Hot Cocoa, Raw Cacao essence, Whipped Chocolat Absolute and Mallow extracts.

Bastet’s Ice Cream – Apricot Crème The original Bastet's Ice Cream and raw California Apricot peel, Apricot Stone Oil and Jackfruit creme; combined into raw Ugandan and Tongan Vanilla beans, sifted of flecks and the beans are left in to age in the oil.

Victorian Candy Cane Crystalline  Red and white striped candy cane created with the essence of pure Peppermint bark, Vanilla Cream, Vanilla Dust, a touch of Strawberry seed and a heavy hand of SL Crystalline Vanilla Absolute.

Victorian Apple Butter Crystal  Hand-picked red apples, skin used for the essence of apple in this blend. English sugar, English Caramel Butter, Toffee Pudding, freshly dusted with shavings of Nutmeg and bathed in Vanilla Cream Musk and a heavy hand of Studio Limited Crystal Absolute.

Victorian Eggnog Santalum  Delicious spices of the season in a creamy base of warm and sweet Sandalwood, spices of Nutmeg, White Cinnamon and Clove all hand blended into a decadent heavy handed blending of our SL Santalum Absolute.

Victorian Buttered Rum Santalum White  Victorian hot Buttered Rum accord using Bourbon Vanilla, Brown Sugar blended into Vanilla Benzoin, Vanilla Resin en-robed in a heavy hand of our SL Santalum White Absolute a kiss of zest from an English Orange.

NA is on Holiday Break Nov 22 - Dec 1. Orders placed during this time will ship the week of our return. Thank you and have a safe and wonderful holiday season.