Limited Collection *Halloween Part 2 Resurgence 2017*

Welcome to Nocturne Alchemy's October 6 - December 1 (midnight pst) Halloween Part 2 Resurgence Limited Collection of 2017.  Due to the exclusivity of ingredients, time prepared and rare notes: all Limited Collections come in 5mL with Euro dropper lid only.  Please read this section for our schedule NEWS

PLEASE NOTE due to the high volume of the season, orders will take upward of 2-3 weeks (but we'll do our best to get them out to you in a faster turnaround).  Add-ons will add-on tat to your order.  Be advised.

This is the Limited Collection, but there is also a Resurgence Halloween Part 1 Collection.  Return to the Limited Collection to see the returning fan-favorites in that section.

Free 1 mL sample for the October update is - 'Day of the Dead' in the Permanent Collection All Hallows' Eve. with every order 1 per customer! If your order is over $25, we will upgrade your free sample of PC: Day of the Dead to a 2 mL tall vial!   Ingredients for this free sample: Perfume of Horchata, a drink made from ground up rice along with sweet cinnamon sugar infused with almond milk and blended into Nokturne:Crystal as our ode to sweet Vanilla Musk celebrations!If you have an allergy please gift away to someone that may enjoy it or state in the comments (at checkout), that you would not like to receive a free sample.  No substitutions please, this is the free perfume sample for the October 2017 update (November sample will swap out at the next update). 1 per customer.

Resurgence are brought back when components are attainable.  These perfumes are smaller in quantity and when sold out, will not return within the window of the Resurgence and quite possibly, ever again.  Not all perfumes in the Resurgence can return due to the component issues.  If a favorite is not on the list, it is because of this and sold out during the original offering and will not be offered again.  Resurgence and all of the Limited Collections are only in 5mL amber bottle.

NAlloween blends:

Ghost Velvet☥: Our velvet blend with the utterly beautiful accord of our SL Crystalline. Thick, rapturous vanilla velvet blanket for a ghost to keep warm in the dead of night or as a cozy blanket of velvet scent. *Velvet Blend: Eternal Ankh, Jasmine, Vanilla bean, and musk all weave the scent of Eternal Ankh Vanilla Absolute.

Black Velvet☥: A black amber accord that writhes within our Velvet blend making way for a sensual black velvet under the stars absorbing all light. A soft tincture of Ozymandias Black Accord swirls throughout (deep resins of Amber, Myrrh and Frankincense). *Velvet Blend: Eternal Ankh, Jasmine, Vanilla bean, and musk all weave the scent of Eternal Ankh Vanilla Absolute.

 Kashmir Velvet☥: Our velvet blended eerily into the phantasm of red musk in our SL Kashmir. Nuances of blue Frankincense lie underneath pulsing with Blood Musk. *See above for velvet blend notes. *Velvet Blend: Eternal Ankh, Jasmine, Vanilla bean, and musk all weave the scent of Eternal Ankh Vanilla Absolute.

☥Mummies & Curses☥  Gold Amber, Limestone Amber, Egyptian Musk, Allspice, White Galbanum, Myrrh and Egyptian Sandalwood aged in Oak.

☥Witches & Black Cats☥  Black Juniper, Orris Root, Wormwood, Black Carnation, Vanilla Dust, Cauldron Accord, Moroccan Artemisia Mugwort, Black Tea, Galbanum and Moonstone Vanilla & Oudh

☥Bats & Ghosts☥    Cream Soda Accord, Vanilla Ice Cream Accord, Egyptian Musk, Cemetery Musk, White Clove and a drop of Black Musk

☥Werewolves & Woods☥  Black Cedar, Redwood, Oak, Sandalwood, Leather Accord, Black Amber Resin, Labdanum White and a drop of Kashmir Red Musk

☥Vampires & Velvet☥  Blood Wine, Blood Musk, Blood Jasmine, Rosewood Musk, Apricot Sugar and Aged Egyptian Musk.

☥Dracula's Castle☥  Tobacco, Aromatic Transylvanian Bergamot, Black Nutmeg with nuances of the Black Forest and sweet Vampire kisses of Crystalline Absolute and a smattering of Juniper Bat Berry. A soft whisper through the halls of amber essence and wood billows.

☥Witch Cauldron☥  Black Metallic Cauldron accord, smoldering firewood underneath, a touch of Bastet Amber and a phantasm of Amber Limestone Resin. *there may be resin and will age the perfume beautifully.

☥Graveyard Dirt☥  Accord of fresh rain and Graveyard Dirt, loam and sweet woods billow beneath but the star of this perfume is the dirt freshly sweetened and unearthed as the Vampire climbs free from her coffin and makes her way toward Dracula’s Castle.

☥Blessed Water☥  Black Bavarian Cucumber Water Accord, Hungarian Peppermint EO, Blessed Romanian Water (by a Vampire, of course) and fresh Spring Water Accords with a touch of Werewolf Leather and Romanian Labdanum.

☥Cemetery Ivy☥  Green Fresh Ivy and vibrant Cemetery Ivy with nuances of loam, wisteria and honeysuckle create an atmosphere of bliss and desolation with a touch of Bastet Amber whispering underneath the ivy.

☥Vamp☥  Cherry-vanilla blood accord, blood orange, West Indian lime zest, hints of black cherry incense and a drop of Kashmir and West Indian Red Musk Accord.

☥Vampire Coffin☥  Rare Black Romanian Mint mingled into a cedar perfumed coffin, scent of putrid (used as fun adjective, represents fresh Vamp breath) Vampire’s breath and wet Earth, loam and decay. A scent like a fog that rises and falls over the great cemetery below the Castle.


♆ Studio Limited Special Halloween Editions ♆ *note price is Resurgence SL Edition price.

♆ Pumpkin Crystalline Chai - Decadent Indian Chai Tea Spices, Indian Black Tea, Pumpkin Tea (NA accord), Pumpkin flesh, all swirling in a rich cauldron of Crystalline Vanilla. This one will age beautifully. Halloween skulls adorn the rich orange label like an old haunted wallpaper from a haunted mansion.

♆ Kashmir Raspberry Truffle - Blood Red Kashmir Musk enveloped in a bright raspberry filled chocolate truffle. Cocoa powder dusted on the outside, black sugar perfumed on the inside and all while riding the red fog of Kashmir. Halloween skulls adorn the rich purple label like an old haunted wallpaper from a haunted mansion. *layer with the Studio Limited Crystalline or Kobalt or even Ambre Ombre #2 or a little PC Ozymandias, the preference is yours!

♆ Black Vanilla Custard - Ooky Caramel Creme, Black Vanilla, Caramelized Sugar, a drop of French Maple-Vanilla, a plop of Rum, spooky Brown Sugar Dust, a captured breath from a Vanilla Ghost and a scare of Custard.