Limited Collection *Halloween Part 1 Resurgence 2017*

Welcome to Nocturne Alchemy's September 1 - October 31 (midnight pst) Halloween Part 1 Resurgence Limited Collection of 2017.  Due to the exclusivity of ingredients, time prepared and rare notes: all Limited Collections come in 5mL with dropper lid only.  Please read this section for our schedule NEWS

Resurgence are brought back when components are attainable.  These perfumes are smaller in quantity and when sold out, will not return within the window of the Resurgence and quite possibly, ever again.  Not all perfumes in the Resurgence can return due to the component issues.  If a favorite is not on the list, it is because of this and sold out during the original offering and will not be offered again.  Resurgence and all of the Limited Collections are only in 5mL amber bottle.

Free 1 mL sample for September - Studio Limited Diamond with every order per customer! If your order is over $25, we will upgrade your free sample of SL:Diamond to a 2 mL tall vial!   Ingredients for this free sample: Three different Redwoods, Egyptian Frankincense and pure Cedar.  If you have an allergy please gift away to someone that may enjoy it or state in the comments (at checkout), that you would not like to receive a free sample.  No substitutions please, this is the free perfume sample for September 2017 update. 1 per customer.  5mL can be purchased HERE There are no more Bastet's Ice Cream samples, that was August's free sample.  Thank you!


31 Pumpkin Library:

☥ Number 1 ☥-  Whipped Pumpkin Ice Cream with Vanilla Bean, SL Tahitian Vanilla, Pumpkin Pie Spice, Whipped Marshmallow Cream and grated fresh cinnamon with a kiss of SL Crystalline Vanilla.

☥ Number 2 ☥-  Pumpkin and SL Crimson Musk, soft vanilla-infused-spice, a drop of Cedar wood, redwood and sandalwood and you're in the library of the Pumpkin King.

☥ Number 3 ☥-  Pumpkin Cappuccino laced with Pumpkin Sugar, freshly brewed Egyptian Coffee and dusted with sweet Sugar-Cinnamon with an undertone of SL White Santalum Cream.

☥ Number 4 ☥-  Cinnamon Bun accord with macerated pumpkin flesh and a little eggnog spice, a plop of Bastet's Ice Cream Accord and your pumpkin is ready for a hug.

☥ Number 5 ☥-  Pumpkin Puree with fresh Blueberries, Pumpkin Cheesecake accord, Bastet Amber, Egyptian Musk, White Cinnamon and White Sandalwood.

☥ Number 6 ☥- That scent that hovers just over a Pumpkin patch during harvest, a little hay in the air and a fresh drizzle of Coconut Elixir and Milk and a kiss of SL Crystal cream.

☥ Number 7 ☥ - Amber Pumpkin perfumed with 7 rich exotic Amber notes to create the ultimate Amber perfume base for this Pumpkin infused scent. Spices of fig and raw pumpkin swim in a vat of decadent Sandalwood.

☥ Number 8 ☥- Labdanum infused with Egyptian Frankincense then blended into a black cherry accord with benzoin, sandalwood and Pumpkin Pie spices with a fizzle of Cream Soda accord. This perfume contains cinnamon; allergies to cinnamon please take note.

☥ Number 9 ☥- Black Fig, Raw Fig, Pumpkin Flesh, Muscadine Syrup, Geranium, FANG Vanilla (unreleased VA perfume note) and Strawberry Blossom.

☥ Number 10 ☥- Creamy Pumpkin Pie Filling with a hint of spice, ginger-Fresh Cream drizzled over Pumpkin Cake with candied Pecans and Crystalline Vanilla Absolute.

☥ Number 11 ☥- Earl Grey Tea, Bergamot, light Pumpkin Pie Spices and a drizzling of fresh cream, dusting of Sugared Walnuts and Cotton Candy.

☥ Number 12 ☥- Harvest Pumpkin, Toasted Marshmallows, Kobalt Vanilla Absolute and a smattering of Bastet's Ice Cream accord.

☥ Number 13 ☥ - Crystalline Vanilla Pumpkin. Fresh Pumpkin Pie doused with Cotton Candy, Soft Pumpkin Pie Spices and Crystalline Vanilla SL (add more from your Crystalline, or even a touch of Kobalt, Crystal or any SL Vanilla to amp this Vanilla Pumpkin perfume treat).

☥ Number 29 ☥ - Nag Champa Incense NA accord and Pumpkin Vanilla Spiced Pie Smoothie (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger & allspice).

☥ Number 31☥ - If the Osirian Purnima collection had a Pumpkin scent, this would be it. Deep dark and rich black pumpkin puree, caramelized caramel, pie spice, rum, French Vanilla, and Osirian Purnima Incense Accord.


Legends of Horror Cinema:

☥ Christopher ☥- Red Musk Incense, Redwood Absolute, Dusty Jasmine Velvet accord, Egyptian Blue Chamomile Absolute, Red Egyptian Musk, eNVie Santal Saphir (Sandalwood & Amber) White Pepper and Red Oudh (unreleased).

☥ Peter ☥- French Lavender, Earl Grey Tea, Dried Lily, Egyptian Musk Absolute, Incense, eNVie Saphir (Amber) and eNVie Rose.


NAlloween blends:

☥ Dark House of NAVA ☥ - Mahogany wood, cedar patchouli and amber notes, Bastet Amber, Red wine accord, Spices of Cardamom, nutmeg and allspice and billows of incense and black amber.

☥ Spookier ☥ - White Ghost Chocolate, Raw Sugar Cane, Chocolate shavings, Bastet's Ice Cream Accord, a drop of Black Cedar, a drop of ICONS: Egyptian Oudh, a stir of Cemetery Snow and a touch of Crystalline Absolute and one drop of black peppercorn.☥Hokum 2016☥- Drop of Black Crystalline Vanille, Aged Black Musk, Black Amber, Black Cedar, Leather Accord (vegan), Bastet Amber, Hungarian Black Benzoin, Irish Black Labdanum and Black Vanilla laced Peru Balsam.

☥ Hocus ☥ - Drop of aged Black Honey, aged Bastet Amber, Sicilian Blood Orange, Blood Patchouli, Blood Red Musk, Velvet Moors accord, Loam, Eternal Ankh Dark and Black Arctic Moss.

☥ Hex ☥ - Black Cherry Wine, decadent and delicious black spices of Black Cardamom and Black Clove, Ethiopian Black Cherry, vespers of Graveyard Dirt, Loam and a boiling cauldron full of Black Vanilla Amber and Black Ankh Musk.

☥ Hokum ☥ - Drop of Black Crystalline Vanille, Aged Black Musk, Black Amber, Black Cedar, Leather accord (vegan), Bastet Amber, Hungarian Black Benzoin, Irish Black Labdanum and Black Vanilla laced Peru Balsam.

☥ Vampire Vanilla Bat ☥ - Vanilla Bean fleck, Kobalt, Crystalline, Tahitian Vanilla, French Vanilla and a spot of Vanilla-infused Studio created Patchouli.  This is the same recipe, but the fresh 2017 version and will only age beautifully.  2015 & 2016 sold out and we expect the same to occur with VVB 2017.

☥ Jack’s Halloween Oudh ☥ - NAVA ICON Oudh of Vanilla Samar infused Agarwood, nuances of pumpkin spice: Hungarian Cardamom, Romanian White Cinnamon, Egyptian Nutmeg Whole, Pumpkin Flesh and smoke from a warm pumpkin patch.

☥ Headless Horseman ☥ - Hessian Leather accord, Cemetery Musk, Black Peppercorn, Cardamom, Gravestone Moss accord, Irish Moor accord and a touch of Egyptian Musk

☥ Ichabod ☥ -Bobbing for apples at the party, Ichabod has a little remnant of spice, cedar and apple on his lapel, a touch of evening skin musk, Cream Soda and forest incense.

☥ Sisters of the Moon ☥ - Black Patchouli Resin (accord), Moonstone Vanilla-Bastet Amber, Black Amber, Black Cedarwood, Black Musk, Black Crystalline Vanilla, Black Egyptian Musk and Bastet's Atropa Belladonna & White Nightshade perfume accord.

☥ Bloody Kashmir Red Velvet Cake ☥ - Elegantly aged bloody Kashmir red Musk, Red Velvet Cake accord, Cacao, Vanilla Sugar Cream, red currant, Chocolate Cake Accord and Black Crystalline Sugar.



☥ CURSE: Embalmed Mummy ☥ - Frankincense, Myrrh, Oakmoss, Copal, Black Date Wine, Linen accord, Natron Salt accord, French Origanum, Dragon's Blood Resin, ash accord and Amber

☥ CURSE: Mummy Amber ☥ - The scent of Mummy Amber; fine notes blended to create a wood-amber of warmth and resin from rose rock, patchouli, white amber, Bastet amber, vetiver, myrrh, frankincense, sandalwood and cedar-infused vanilla-limestone amber. Natural resin sediment will occur in the perfume but perfect for aging.

☥ CURSE: Mummy Tomb Incense ☥ - Incense, sweet frankincense, sweet myrrh, sweet nag champa and decadent amber notes.

☥ CURSE: Mummy Crypt ☥ - The scent of the crypt of the Mummy; Frankincense Resin, Copal, Spices of Nutmeg and Incense smoke, Sandalwood and Amber resin, Ancient Vanilla Beans dusted with time, Aged Jasmine petals and aged wine grapes linger as you enter the Crypt.

☥ CURSE: Halloween Spiced Mummy ☥ - The scent of a Spiced Mummy just woken from his slumber on Halloween night; Baked Apples spiked with seasonal spices and warm with soft nuances of wood and ale, apple pie spices flow through the Halloween Musk and sweet syrup and a touch of Vanilla extract.


Vampire Wine & Champagne:

Bastet Amber Pear Champagne - crisp melon and fresh pear, Pear skin, white grapes, sandalwood essence, green apple and Bastet Amber

Ozymandias Crystalline Champagne - crisp melon and fresh pear, white grapes, green apple and that amber resin from Ozymandias and the vanilla depth of SL Crystalline Vanilla

Black Cherry Muscadine - blackberry, syrup of Italian Black Cherry, Romanian black cherry skin, black muscadine grapes, Black Crystalline vanilla Absolute and cellar coffin wood

Black Amber Rose Burgundy - burgundy, blood rose and black amber

*White Zinfandel - red raspberry, rose petal, red currant and ripe strawberry, this decadent white wine is full of subtle notes that encompass the very soft palette of the fruit in this dry White Zinfandel grape.

*Merlot - Merlot grapes with hints of black plum, black cherry, black raspberry and red apple flesh

*Cabernet Sauvignon - sweet wine with hints of strawberry and sweet grape

Kashmir Chianti - Chianti wine notes and our deep dark and rich Kashmir and black grape skin

*Shiraz - blackberry and hints of pepper, the wine is more of a spice wine but done so subtle that the spice is not the focal but the very nature of the robust Shiraz grapes

Perfumes above annotated with asterisk have the word 'Scent of' in front of the perfume name due to regulations with paypal but this is only for receipts, label will not have this prefix on the title.


Filter used on photos to create a Halloween ambience.  Labels will appear more clear in person.