Limited Collection *Halloween Part 1 2017*

Welcome to Nocturne Alchemy's September 1 - October 31 (11:59pm) Halloween Part 1 Limited Collection of 2017.  Due to the exclusivity of ingredients, time prepared and rare notes: all Limited Collections come in 5mL with dropper lid only.  Please read the NEWS in the Menu for our schedule of future collections.  Part 2 will debut October 6.

This is the Limited Collection, but there is also a Resurgence Halloween Part 1 Collection.  Return to the Limited Collection to see the returning fan-favorites in that section.

Free 1 mL sample for September - Studio Limited Diamond with every order per customer! If your order is over $25, we will upgrade your free sample of SL:Diamond to a 2 mL tall vial!   Ingredients for this free sample: Three different Redwoods, Egyptian Frankincense and pure Cedar.  If you have an allergy please gift away to someone that may enjoy it or state in the comments (at checkout), that you would not like to receive a free sample.  No substitutions please, this is the free perfume sample for September 2017 update. 1 per customer.  5mL can be purchased HERE There are no more Bastet's Ice Cream samples, that was August's free sample.  Thank you!

Bastet’s Potion Studio:

Witch Fog – Cemetery Musk (Studio Accord), White Patchouli, White Sandalwood, White Cedarwood, Cream Soda Accord, Apricot essence, Papaya essence, Vanilla Rice Milk and a drop of Bastet’s Cream Amber.

Deathly Delights – Dark Chocolate Accord, Cocoa Butter Accord, Hot Chocolate Accord, Bitter Baking Chocolate Accord, Cacao EO, Blackberry Essence, Crystallized Sugar, Marshmallow and Crystalline Absolute.

Potion n. 113 – Rose Damascena Absolute, Frankincense-Amber Resin, Australian and Indian Sandalwood, Bastet’s Amber Absolute, White Clove, Egyptian Geranium, Bastet’s Heart blend (Egyptian Jasmine EO, Egyptian Pink Lotus EO, Egyptian Ylang Ylang), and Crimson Egyptian Musk.

31 Pumpkin Library:

Number 14 ☥ -  Peaches & Cream Accord, Fresh California Peach Skin, Vanilla Cream accord, Vanilla Bean Fleck, Raw Black Fig infused Pumpkin and Buttercream and a drop of crystalline.

Number 15 ☥ - Pumpkin Pie & Cream Accord, Pumpkin Pie Accord, Caramelized Pink Sugar, Sandalwood, Frankincense and Copal Resin with a touch of smokey Oudh.

Number 16 ☥ - Cookies & Cream Accord, Vanilla Cream, Bastet’s Ice Cream Vanilla, touch of nutmeg and Pumpkin spice under a layer of buttery Pumpkin Pie Crust accord.

Legends of Horror Cinema:

Bela ☥ - Victorian Chypre Incense, Black Sandalwood, Egyptian Musk, Patchouli and Smokey Cedar with a touch of eNVie saphir.

Vincent ☥ - Bergamot Tea, Black Amber, Himalayan Chypre Incense, White Coconut infused Sandalwood Cream, Limestone Amber and a drop of eNVie saphir.


Vampire Chocolate Bat - Vanilla Bean fleck, Kobalt, Crystalline, Tahitian Vanilla, French Vanilla and a spot of Vanilla-infused Black Patchouli, Cacao, Cocoa Accord and Dark Chocolate Truffle.

Black Cat - Haunted Gingerbread Spices (Australian Ginger, Black Cinnamon and Black Sugar), Black Amber, Black Crystalline, Bastet’s black amber and Ginger Snaps accord.


8 of 13 Halloween-themed labels created by Artist, Chris Raimo for NA Halloween 2017 (remaining 5 will appear in the October Halloween Part 2 LC):

Hallowcats – Vanilla Bean Fleck, Buttercream, Bourban Vanilla, Vanilla Cream, Crystalline, Palo Santo, Black Pepper and Black Tea.

Blood Bond – Kashmir Red Musk, Aged Black Patchouli, Sandalwood, Yellow Mandarin, Lavender, Chypre Incense, Indian Incense and aged Cedar and Oak.

Enchanting Mermaidens – Aquatic Ozone, Sea Salt accord, tincture of Benzoin and Labdanum, Smoldering Wood accord and White Musk.

Polter-Guests – Cemetery Musk, Bastet Amber, California Sage, White Cedar and Sweetgrass.

Sandman – French Lavender EO, Pumpkie Pie Spice, Leather Accord (vegan) and Labdanum.

Graveyard Shift – Wet Earth Accord, Graveyard Dirt, Ghost of the Moors Absolute (see PC Etherias), Cemetery Musk and Rotten Redwood and Cedar.

Every Pumpkin Counts –Teak, Sandalwood, Raw Pumpkin, The Moors accord, Pumpkin Latte and Coffee Bean Absolute.

Boogieman –  Sweet Cherry Vanilla Cream Soda, Clove, and Kashmir Cream with a drop of Ten year old Egyptian Musk Resin.

Chris Raimo is an illustrator of all things spooky, paranormal, and weird!  You can find out more about Chris and his unique art (and purchase prints) HERE and friend him at

Filter used on photos to create a Halloween ambience.  Labels will appear more clear in person.  One photo is a close up of Blood Bond.