Egyptian Sweets, Coffee & Tea

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Aswan Mango Tea: Mango Flesh, Egyptian Black Tea, Papaya Skin, the Finest French Green Cognac E/O and a drop of soft White Pepper.

Chocolate Cinnamon Ceylon: Pure chocolate oil from Madira, Cinnamon E/O of Alexandria, True Ceylon Absolute from Sri Lanka and Bergamot E/O's of Italy and Greece.

Zahr Om Ali: Vanilla Essence, Spices of subtle cinnamon and Golden Clove, Warm Buttery Pastry, Egyptian sugar water, Flecks of Vanilla Bean, Amber musk and rich decadent Egyptian pineapple extract.

Plum Om Ali: Beautiful fresh Egyptian plum plucked from beside the Nile, Butter scented pastry, Egyptian Vanilla and sugar and a touch of Musk.

Bassima: Creamy Coconut with subtle butter and warm sugar, subtle nutmeg and fig mingle within.

Bergamot & Egyptian Mint Tea: Bergamot and Organic Egyptian Mint essential oil and Egyptian Black Tea infused.  Add a drop of Studio Limited ‘Crystalline’ or ‘Crystal’ to add a vanilla essence to your tea.

Egyptian Black Raspberry: NA Egyptian Black Raspberry with the subtlety of vanilla and fig.

Egyptian Caramel Coffee: Egyptian Black Coffee, Egyptian Caramel, Sweet Milk and more caramel offered by the Gods.

Egyptian Licorice Tea: Egyptian White and black tea leaves, a cube of sugar, Anise and a primordial green dousing of Absinthe.

Egyptian Vanilla & Passionfruit:  Egyptian Vanilla, Passionfruit, Subtle Red Egyptian Musk and Egyptian Sandalwood carry the way to illumination.

Karkade Hibiscus Tea: Pronounced Kar-Ka-Day.  Roselle, Red, Gold and Yellow Hibiscus petals, Delicate Egyptian Sugar, Egyptian Black Tea and the subtlety of a Vanilla leaf. *this is a perfumed Scent interpretation of the scent of the Egyptian Karkade Tea.

Malban: is a very old and very delectable Egyptian sweet. Quite simply it is a luxurious caramel, vanilla, walnut and sugar delight.