Bastet's Bazaar 8.10.18-8.24.18 NEW

Welcome to Bastet's Bazaar.  A caravan of goodies created, hand selected and brought to you by Nocturne Alchemy's very own, Bastet.  Everything here is in small batches and items may sell out, we will do our best to refill but nothing is promised or certain at the bazaar. Get your order in on day one! 

Bastet's Bazaar August 10 - August 24 or while supplies last.  This Bazaar will disappear from the store at the stroke of midnight August 24 PST

Included in every order of a sun catcher or gemstone pendant will be a few dried California White Sage leaves to burn around your crystal and pendant(s).  This is a traditional way of balancing the natural energy and allowing the crystals and gems to bring harmony to the wearer and home.

Lapis Lazuli pendant: a beautiful natural blue stone pendant that once represented the sky Goddess, Isis.  It is said wearing lapis lazuli gives the wearer a connection with her knowledge, insight, and magical powers.  Size roughly 1.5" colour and size may vary slightly (some variance due to natural product).  Each pendant comes with an untied blue silken string in a blue velvet bag.  Lapis Lazuli is composed out of minerals Lazurite, Sodalite, Calcite and Pyrite.  Pendant is at an introduction price and prices for future pendants may vary.

Rose Quartz pendant: a natural stone of universal love of the self, of others and of the Earth. Bringing harmony of self-love, balance and radiance.  Size roughly 1.5" colour and size may vary slightly (some variance due to natural product).  Each pendant comes with an untied blue silken string in a blue velvet bag.  Pendant is at an introduction price and prices for future pendants may vary.

Grapefruit & Vanilla Body Butter: Pure Vanilla Essential Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Papaya Extract, Shea Butter, Water Cetearyl Alcohol, Sunflower Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Grapefruit Peel & Oil, Sodium Citrate, Green Tea Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Powder & Apricot Fruit Extract. 100% Organic Essential Oils  2oz in a cobalt blue glass jar.  The fragrance is for the opening and application, after, the body butter does its magic on the skin smoothly and luxuriously.  Non-greasy and organic ingredients. This is one of the few butters we use in the Studio for our own skin.  Offered here for the very first time to our customers.  If you'd like to enhance the scent, we suggest wearing with Bastet's Garden Pink Grapefruit Frankincense Crystalline perfume oil.  Do not wear on the same spot of the butter, but nearby so the butter continues its work on the skin without interruption.  Limited to 75 glass 2oz  jars.

Mini California White Sage Smudge Stick come in 3-4" per stick and are hand-tied for cleansing of the home, car and office space.  Please keep windows open as you cleanse the area and be aware of smoke alarms.  1 per customer please.  We hope to continually offering sage at future Bazaars.  You can always get another one at the next Bazaar.

Resurrected Immortal Perfume:

Holger - Spice Cake of Cinnamon and dusted with Vanilla, Earth and Soil and Graveyard Loam, Greek Fig Leaves, Fraction of Fig Skin and Buttercream.  Added to this new blend is a touch of Bastet's Ice Cream vanilla bean accord. 5mL amber bottle.  Each is limited to 45 bottles and not a drop more.  No limit on how many bottles you wish.

Khyah - Oak Moss, Bergamot, Faux Ambergris resinate, Arabian Red Chypre Moss, Amber Musk, Egyptian Blue Basil, Merlot aged in Oak and a drop of the sharpest tip of a Clove bud.  Added to this new blend is a touch of eNVie saphir amber absolute. 5mL amber bottle.  Each is limited to 45 bottles and not a drop more.  No limit on how many bottles you wish.

These perfumes were discontinued due to component issues but Jacek recreated them exclusively for the first Bastet's Bazaar for Bastet to offer to you at a limited quantity due to this very same component issue.  Get them while you can as they will not return to the store ever again.

Eternal Ankh Colours Collection: LIMITED in number to 120 bottles each. MAXIMUM per customer is two 5ml each per colour.  Orders with more than 2 (per colour) will be refunded.  These will not return ever again once sold out. 

Eternal Ankh Red in 5mL Red bottle: White Rose, Red Rose and Black Rose absolutes, Crimson Egyptian Musk Absolute, White Amber Absolute, Powdered and reconstructed oil of Egyptian Vanilla Husk, Vanilla fleck,  Egyptian Musk, Bastet's Amber Absolute, Crystalline Absolute and a drop of eNVie saphir Amber absolute.

Incense Resin/Wood Collection 1: Sold at a set.  We may bring back individual vials at future Bastet Bazaars.  Incense resin or wood, hand crafted in 2 dram glass vials with cork stopper.  For burning on charcoal tablets.  Please keep well ventilated and away from smoke alarms.  We burn ours outdoors with the back door open to allow the scent to travel in.  Each set arrives in a dark blue velvet bag for safekeeping. 

Blue Nile: Blue incense perfumed lightly with Gardenia and Lotus essential oil scented Frankincense resin

Green Man: Tree of Wisdom incense scented with pine sap and forest oils over Frankincense resin

Palo Santo wood chips for charcoal incense burning.  Place on hot incense charcoal disc and add some incense resin from the other vials to create a warm sweet wood aroma with the incense resin or burn alone for purification

Meditation: Frankincense, Myrrh, Copal and Sandalwood; translucent shades of gold Frankincense

Incense Resin Metal box to collect up to 9 incense resin glass vials: Measurements; 5.5" by 3.7" Rectangular Hinged Tin with see-through hard plastic clear top adorned with a blue NA sticker.  Incense sold separately.

Crystal rainbow Heart chakRA sun-catcher: Clear crystal heart 40mm (1.6") set below a stack of clear and rainbow coloured crystals that shine in the sun throwing prisms in your room of choice.  This piece was selected to clear obstacles, balance energy and bring peace and content to the heart of the home.  size 6.7" long, 1.6" wide.  Photos do not do this justice.  Limited to 30. 

***Also in the drop down is the option to purchase one of everything in a complete set of each item offered at this Bazaar*** No exceptions or subtractions to the set.  This is for the person on the go and ready to put them all in the cart. This will go away once set amount of sets have sold out.

Future Bastet Bazaars will include unique perfume oil extracts like ChakRA's that have been in the works for a few years and will be released a little at a time until the full set is complete.  More gemstone pendants, rune stones, crystal wands, incense resin, amber resin and more unique items just for each Bazaar.  Please note after the Bazaar is over (date in the heading), we will not offer anything from this selection again unless Bastet chooses to create more or select more of the same but she does want to continue moving forward with wonderful things unique to each and every Bazaar.  Next Bazaar December.  Check back in the NEWS section for the latest Store and Bastet's Bazaar dates often.  Remember the Bazaar only comes to the site TWO times a year at two weeks each time and then the caravan goes back into the world to discover more enchanting and beautiful items to offer you from the feline Goddess herself. 

With love and purrs, thank you for allowing me to share these wonderful treasures with you that are so dear to my every day life.  -Bastet

Props used in photos are not for sale and are part of a Bastet statue collection in the Studio.  Amber resin in photo is a sneak peek of the Amber Resin Collection coming at the next Bastet's Bazaar.