*NEW* Bastet's Bazaar 2 *December 6-20, 2018*

Due to the limited nature (limited bottles) of the Bastet’s Bazaar offerings, and to keep our inventory systems accurate and fair to everyone, Bastet’s Bazaar creations are not eligible for add-on (or combining) and may only be ordered directly from the store site. Thank you kindly for your understanding!

*****once an item is out of stock it will no longer be in the pull down menu*****

Welcome to Bastet's Bazaar 2.  A caravan of goodies created, hand selected and brought to you by Nocturne Alchemy's very own, Bastet.  Everything here is in small batches and items may sell out. Get your order in - day one before things sell out!  The Bazaar was created for true Nocturne Alchemy fans.

Bastet's Bazaar December 6 - December 20th or while supplies last.  This Bazaar will disappear from the store at the stroke of midnight December 20th PST to coincide with our store closure.  We will reopen February 1, 2019 with the new Valentine Collection.

Included in every order of a sun catcher or gemstone pendant will be a few dried California White Sage leaves to burn around your crystal and pendant(s).  This is a traditional way of balancing the natural energy and allowing the crystals and gems to bring harmony to the wearer and home.


Amethyst pendant: (smaller pendant) 1" natural Amethyst.  Colour and size may vary slightly (some variance due to natural product).  Each pendant comes with an untied silken cord in a blue velvet bag.  Promoting a cleansing of the body and the mind, internal harmony and grounding.  Purple represented royalty to Ancient Egypt and can be seen in Ancient Egyptian jewelry.  A beautiful present for yourself this holiday.  The NA Crew will be wearing ours this holiday season. <3

SOLD OUT - Horus Haven #5  Sustainable Indian Oudh (NA ICON oudh), Neroli Absolute, White Sandalwood, Bastet’s Amber, Crystalline Absolute, Gold Amber Resin, eNVie Saphir (envieparfum.com) and Mysore Sandalwood.  ***Horus Haven #5 is limited to 30 bottles.  100% of proceeds go to the various animal welfare sources from the recent fires in Northern California.  Buying one bottle enlists your giving to the animals from the fires and being only one in thirty people across the world that will own a bottle of HH5.  Created by Emerson and Bastet, this perfume was created to help where we can, 100% of the proceeds go to the animals in need.  The time, perfume and perfumers donated generously to create this very special perfume.  Once sold out, the perfume will be taken off the drop down and no longer available.  Each of the 30 bottles will have the hand written #5 on it.  LIMIT 1 per customer. *12.8.18

Thank you.  Each of you. -Bastet

Eternal Ankh Colours Collection: LIMITED in number to 120 bottles each. MAXIMUM per customer is two 5ml each per colour.  Orders with more than 2 (per colour) will be refunded.  These will not return ever again once sold out.  These 2 EA perfumes were made by Emerson & Bastet

Eternal Ankh Violet  - Hawaiian Plumeria, Roman Blue Chamomile, Sweet Apple skin, Gardenia,  White Amber Absolute, Powdered and reconstructed oil of Egyptian Vanilla Husk, Vanilla fleck,  Egyptian Musk, Bastet's Amber Absolute, Crystalline Absolute and a drop of eNVie saphir blue Amber absolute.

Eternal Ankh Orchid - Vanilla Cream Soda, Orchid, Black Currant, Clementine, Sandalwood, White Amber Absolute, Powdered and reconstructed oil of Egyptian Vanilla Husk, Vanilla fleck,  Egyptian Musk, Bastet's Amber Absolute, Crystalline Absolute and a drop of eNVie saphir Amber absolute.

Crystal Sun Catcher Point:  This sun catcher is just at 9 inches long, the crystal point is over 3" long, topped with colourful crystals and clear crystal beads.  Great for hanging in your favorite room.  Purrrrfect for the new ChakRA perfumes coming in future Bastet's Bazaar offerings.  Limited to 35 and will sell out. 

Incense Resin/Wood Collection 2: Sold at a set.  Limited to 33 sets.  We may bring back individual vials at future Bastet Bazaars.  Incense resin or wood, hand crafted in 2 dram glass vials with cork stopper.  For burning on charcoal tablets or electric incense burners (not oil burners or melting wax pots).  Please keep well ventilated and away from smoke alarms.  We burn ours outdoors with the back door open to allow the scent to travel in.  Each set arrives in a dark blue velvet bag for safekeeping. 

Gold & Silver Frankincense: Colored Frankincense of gold and silver.  Some uses for incense: magickal properties (or just for the enjoyment of incense), spirituality, consecration and meditation.

Red Rain: Beautiful colored sweet red Frankincense burned for protection, dispelling negativity, meditation, courage and consecration.

Red Sandalwood Powder for charcoal incense burning.  Place on hot incense charcoal disc and add some incense resin from the other vials to create a warm sweet wood aroma with the incense resin or burn alone for purification.  Red Sandalwood is from the rich red wood from the Red Sandalwood tree of South India.  It has been infused with sandalwood oil and is beautiful to add to other resins on your charcoal disc (or electric burner).  Healing, protection and wonderful sense of being.  Please do not inhale direct from vial as this is a fine red sandalwood powder.

Cairo White Copal: White Copal tree resin from Cairo, Egypt.  The word copal is derived from the Nahuatl language word copalli, meaning "incense".  For this dram we crushed some of the copal into powder (there is also small resin tears in the vial) as this is a different experience than simply placing the resin on the charcoal tablet to burn for incense.  You can always add a tiny bit of copal resin to other NA Incense resins to create an atmospheric offering to the sense of smell.  Purification, protection and loving ones' self are uses for copal.


Returning (and last chance)

LIMITED Eternal Ankh Colours Collection RESURGENCE (this is the only time these will return and once sold out will never return to the store again).  Brought back in limited quantities of 50 bottles each and will not be restocked.  EA Pink is not returning. 

Eternal Ankh Cobalt - White Amber Absolute, Powdered and reconstructed oil of Egyptian Vanilla Husk, Vanilla fleck, Almond Sweet, Pistachio accord, French Vanilla, a touch of Black Tea, Amber Sweet, Blue Sugar and Organic Bourbon Vanilla Bean

Eternal Ankh Red - White Rose, Red Rose and Black Rose absolutes, Crimson Egyptian Musk Absolute, White Amber Absolute, Powdered and reconstructed oil of Egyptian Vanilla Husk, Vanilla fleck,  Egyptian Musk, Bastet's Amber Absolute, Crystalline Absolute and a drop of eNVie saphir Amber absolute.

SOLD OUT  Eternal Ankh Blue- White Amber Absolute, Black Patchouli, Kulfi accord, Pistachio, Sandalwood, Egyptian Vanilla Fleck, Egyptian Vanilla Absolute, Amber Resin, Bastet's Black Amber, Saffron, Blue Sugar and a touch of Egyptian Musk and Cardamom. *12.8.18

Eternal Ankh Yellow - White Amber Absolute, Powdered and reconstructed oil of Egyptian Vanilla Husk, Vanilla fleck, Organic Egyptian Neroli Absolute, Organic Moroccan Neroli EO, Italian Red Mandarin peel, Bergamot, Orange Blossom and Crystalline Absolute

Eternal Ankh Orange - White Amber Absolute, Powdered and reconstructed oil of Egyptian Vanilla Husk, Vanilla fleck, Black Patchouli Absolute, Black Vetiver Absolute, Nag Champa Accord, Plumeria Rubra, Magnolia Champaka and Gold Sandalwood

Eternal Ankh Purple - White Amber Absolute, Powdered and reconstructed oil of Egyptian Vanilla Husk, Vanilla fleck, Sambac Jasmine, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute, Indian Jasmine Grandiflorum, Egyptian Musk, Bastet's Amber Absolute, Crystalline Absolute and Organic Pink Peppercorn

Eternal Ankh Claret - Kashmir Red Musk Absolute, Incense Accord, Skin Musk, Black Santalum, White Amber Absolute, Powdered and reconstructed oil of Egyptian Vanilla Husk and Vanilla Fleck

Grapefruit & Vanilla Body Butter: Pure Vanilla Essential Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Papaya Extract, Shea Butter, Water Cetearyl Alcohol, Sunflower Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Grapefruit Peel & Oil, Sodium Citrate, Green Tea Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Powder & Apricot Fruit Extract. 100% Organic Essential Oils  2oz in a cobalt blue glass jar.  The fragrance is for the opening and application, after, the body butter does its magic on the skin smoothly and luxuriously.  Non-greasy and organic ingredients. This is one of the few butters we use in the Studio for our own skin.  Offered here for the very first time to our customers.  If you'd like to enhance the scent, we suggest wearing with Bastet's Garden Pink Grapefruit Frankincense Crystalline perfume oil.  Do not wear on the same spot of the butter, but nearby so the butter continues its work on the skin without interruption.  Limited to 35 glass 2oz  jars.

Mini California White Sage Smudge Stick come in 3-4" per stick and are hand-tied for cleansing of the home, car and office space.  Please keep windows open as you cleanse the area and be aware of smoke alarms.  1 per customer please.  We hope to continually offering sage at future Bazaars.  You can always get another one at the next Bazaar.

LAST CHANCE!  BIC: Original NEVER EVER coming back

Bastet’s Ice Cream (original)  Vanilla Crystalline Cream, Butter accord, Caramel Accord, French Vanilla Bean Absolute, Vanilla Milk accord, Vanilla Orchid, Crystalline Absolute and Vanilla Sugar.  Available in 5ml traditional amber bottle with original art or in 10ml blue bottle with new label.  BOTH are limited in quantity 10ml is limited in Limited to 50.  5ml limited to 120 bottles.  Get them because this is the LAST time they'll be at the store.  No restock.  No return.  "By Grabthar's hammer, by the suns of Worvan, you shall be avenged."  If you don't get that...move along.  *Please note blue bottle has capacity of 15ml, we've filled them around 12ml there will be extra space in the bottle.  You're welcome :)



Future Bastet Bazaars will include unique perfume oil extracts like ChakRA's that have been in the works for a few years and will be released a little at a time until the full set is complete.  More gemstone pendants, rune stones, crystal wands, incense resin, amber resin and more unique items just for each Bazaar.  Please note after the Bazaar is over (date in the heading), we will not offer anything from this selection again unless Bastet chooses to create more or select more of the same but she does want to continue moving forward with wonderful things unique to each and every Bazaar.  Check back in the NEWS section for the latest Store and Bastet's Bazaar dates often.  Remember the Bazaar only comes to the site TWO times a year at two weeks each time and then the caravan goes back into the world to discover more enchanting and beautiful items to offer you from the feline Goddess herself. 

With love and purrs, thank you for allowing me to share these wonderful treasures with you that are so dear to my every day life.  -Bastet

Props used in photos are not for sale and are part of a Bastet statue collection in the Studio.  Amber resin in photo is a sneak peek of the Amber Resin Collection coming at the next Bastet's Bazaar in 2019.


 "When I was younger Em and I use to go to all the new age stores, sample the perfume and essential oils, learn about crystals and incense, longingly look at the beautiful artwork of the tarot, take classes on meditation and spiritual healing and connect to secrets in the world in all of the books we read.  I've always wanted to create a small shop like this and being an online store, this is my way of doing it.  Our secret little spot in the NA store.  I wanted this to be special and everything be hand selected or made by me for you.  These are things I use, these are perfumes I wear, this is butter I created to heal my skin during the colder months and this is a place of wonder.  It is meant to be quick visit.  The idea that the caravan pulls in and we pull back the flaps and we display our goods to you, you purchase what you want and in two weeks we pull the flap back down in our empty caravan and we go on into the world in search of new and wondrous things to show you the next time we're in town.  Thank you for being part of our journey."  Love and purrs, Bastet