*NEW* Spring Limited Collection 2021

Welcome to the new Spring Limited Collection 2021
Perfume arrival date: Saturday April 10th @ 8am Pacific.  Exit date: Saturday May 29th @ midnight Pacific.  If anything sells out, there will not be a purchase option in the drop-down.  There will not be restocks for sold out items.  Please also look for the Spring Resurgence also in the Limited Collection and the new Peach Musk in the Studio Limited Section in the Musk Haven Collection.  ALL Musk are stocked and ready to ship as are both Spring Limited Collections.


Seasons of Sleep Collection – New Seasonal perfumes to bid the season before adieu

Sommeil du l’hiver – A rich (and dark) Incense perfume created with Aged Black Patchouli, Nag Champa Incense, Kashmir Absolute Red Musk, Black Myrrh and Bastet Amber to round the scent

This 2021 version will not return in 2022, instead a new version will arrive every year.  There will be one new season of sleep perfume in every season to arrive in future Limited Collections. 

Spring Butterfly Collection

Butterfly Yellow – Italian Bergamot, Bastet Amber Absolute, Indian Jasmine, Musk, Gardenia accord, soft Teakwood and Blood Orange zest

Butterfly Red – Skin Musk, Black Vanilla, Ripened Pear, Mandarin skin, Red Apple skin, envie parfum saphir absolute and Amber-musk


Freja’s Nature Spirits Collection

Krimson – Tobacco, Pear accord, Kashmir Absolute, Crimson Red Musk Absolute, Egyptian Musk

Violet – Violet accord, White Jasmine essence, Pink Sugar, Raspberry Jam accord, Orange-amber-musk blend and aged Vetiver

Satyr – Dark Forest Pine, Pine needle, Fir accord, Balsam wood, Rich Black Patchouli, Patchouli leaf and Bastet Amber

Blue Bell – Heather accord, Alyssum accord, Palo Santo wood, Indian White Sandalwood, Blue Sugar accord, White Patchouli leaf, Blue Yarrow absolute, Oakmoss accord, Pink Sugar


Orchid Collection two (Collection 1 is in the Spring Resurgence)

Orchid Black - Kobalt Vanilla SL Absolute, Kashmir Absolute, Honeysuckle, Morning Glory floral, White Patchouli, Geranium essence

Orchid Orange - Kobalt Vanilla SL Absolute, Orange Zest, White Clove, Crimson Absolute, Bastet Amber and Nutmeg shaving

Orchid Green - Kobalt Vanilla SL Absolute, Indian Sambac Jasmine, White Jasmine, Bulgarian Rose, Santalum White Absolute

Orchid Yellow - Kobalt Vanilla SL Absolute, Dogwood accord, Sweet Egyptian Musk, Plumeria and Cyclamen

Orchid Garnet -Kobalt Vanilla SL Absolute, Angelica floral accord, Bastet Amber, Mandarin, White Lily and White Musk


Dinosaur Tea by Seth Kincaid

Tea Rex – Black Tea, Vanilla Bean Liqueur, Pink Sugar cube, Vanilla Irish Moss and Lemon zest


Spring Honey Bees Collection

Almonde Crème Honey Bee - Orange Blossom Honey, Bitter Almond, Almond Crème accord, Cyclamen, Cherry skin, Apple skin, Crystalline absolute and Bastet Amber

Buttercream Honey Bee - Orange Blossom Honey, Buttercream Frosting accord, Vanilla, Crystalline absolute, Butter accord (vegan) and Vanilla Bean fleck


Spring Tea Service Collection

Smoked Tea & Amber Resin – Tea accord, Black Tea, Amber, Peru Balsam, White Amber, Bastet Amber and Wood Ember accord

Smoked Tea & Sandalwood Chips – Tea accord, Black Tea, Aged Sandalwood, Sandalwood Bourbon accord, Oak and Wood Ember accord

Smoked Tea & Incense Resin – Myrrh Wood, Frankincense Resin, Black Tea and Wood Ember accord

Smoked Tea & Vanilla Bean –Tea accord, Black Tea, Vanilla Bean Liqueur, Vanilla Bean whole and Wood Ember accord

Smoked Tea & Rose Petals – Tea accord, Black Tea, Tea Rose, Turkish Rose Petals, Peony petals and Wood Ember accord

lait de epices – Creamy Milk accord and melted marshmallow accord with spices of Nutmeg, Clove, Allspice and stirred Vanilla bean

lait de riz et chai – Basmati Rice Milk accord with rounded Chai spices of Nutmeg, Cardamom, Clove and buttery Vanilla 

Cardamom Sucre – Egyptian Sugar accord, Indian Cardamom Whole, Vanilla Bean Liqueur, Green Cardamom and Sugared Jasmine petals

**NOTE from Thoth - I inadvertently listed the two milk tea services incorrectly in the drop-down and above thinking in Italian rather than the French representation.  My apologies, the labels/perfume notes remain the same.  It was a simple edit oops.  My apologies!!!  This will not effect your order prior to the edit catch.


Symbols Collection

Cross – Frankincense Resin Tears, Black Frankincense, Eternal Ankh Vanilla absolute accord, Frankincense Incense smoke accord and Tibetan Frankincense

Shield – Nevada Sage, Nevada Sweetgrass, Indian Sheeshan Wood, Palo Santo Wood, Indian Sandalwood Essence and Cedar

Triskelion – Irish Clover accord, Iris accord, Crimson Red Musk, Wisteria and Irish Moss

Quaternary – Bergamot, Lavender, Egyptian Sweet Musk, Peony, Rose petals, White Patchouli, Verbena, Violet, Labdanum and Iris


Peculiar Creatures Collection

Elephant on a Penny Farthing – Carob Chocolate, Sweet Baked Dough accord, Dusted Chocolate and Cinnamon, Coconut-vanilla Cream and Crystalline Absolute

The Height of Love – Warmed Vanilla Marshmallows, Crystalline, Bastet’s Ice Cream, Pink Sugar and White Clove

Resting Spot – Vanilla Sugar Cookie accord, Caramelized Custard, Vanilla Dust, Apple Skin, Strawberry essence, White Cinnamon, Allspice, Cider accord, Drizzle of Rum and Cream


eNVie Collection - this is the last collaboration with NA and eNVie

We Are Magic – Pineapple essence, Benzoin resin, Vanilla, Eternal Ankh Vanilla accord and eNVie parfum saphir absolute

A Star in my Universe – Haitian Vetiver, Saffron, Myrrh, Galbanum, Pine,  Ambergris accord (vegan), Bastet Amber and eNVie parfum saphir absolute

Loveless Fascination – White Clove infused mallow root, Marshmallow accord, Vanilla, Apricot skin, Apricot essence, a drop of Kashmir Red Musk and eNVie parfum saphir absolute


Royal Sandalwood Collection **LIMITED and available ONLY in this Collection LIMITED to 75 'ROYAL INDIGO' hand-painted bottles only.  No Restock once sold out. 

Sandalwood Bourbon - Sandalwood Absolute, rich Indian Sandalwood chips, soft white clove essence blended with Indian Cardamom, Cedarwood, Irish Moss accord, Amber blend of labdanum and benzoin with Golden Australian Sandalwood and aged Sandalwood in a bourbon Oakwood barrel.

Sandalwood Vanilla – Sandalwood Absolute, Vanilla Bean Liqueur, Madagascar Vanilla whole,  rich Indian Sandalwood chips, soft white clove essence blended with Green Cardamom, Cedarwood, Irish Moss accord, Amber blend of labdanum and benzoin with NA aged Santalum Sandalwood in a bourbon Oakwood barrel.

Sandalwood Spice - Sandalwood Absolute, Tobacco Leaf, Vanilla, rounded spices of Allspice, Black Clove and Indian Cardamom, rich Indian Sandalwood chips, Cedarwood, Irish Moss accord, Amber blend of labdanum and benzoin with Golden Australian Sandalwood and aged Sandalwood in a bourbon Oakwood barrel.

**THESE Royal Sandalwood are available only at this update.  These perfumes are the very best ingredients combined with sustainably farmed - rich sandalwood accords from around the world and in a hand-painted Indigo bottle and are limited to THIS update only.  We may bring them back in a Thoth's Archive years down the road, but these will NOT return as a Resurgence next year.  Sandalwood is becoming more and more rare and we wanted to honor this beautiful wood in the only way we know how.  Beautiful perfume blends, beautiful bottles and a collection that will continue with every Limited Collection we can offer in the near future.  The collection will range from 12-16+ different Sandalwood perfumes for this beautiful Royal Sandalwood Collection.  Once sold out, we will not restock or recreate it.  75 bottles only per perfume.  See very bottom for taking care of our colored perfume bottles.  Royal Sandalwood is not a particular sandalwood, it is the royal treatment of sandalwood in these very special blends for a Royal Collection emphasizing the versatility and beauty of a multitude of Sandalwood from around the world.  Please note (see last photo) we're adding little bands to the RS outer plastic packaging.  Please dispose of immediately with plastic packaging.  


Spring Ice Cream

Rootbeer Float Ice Cream – Soft creamy notes of Anise, Root Beer accord, Orange skin blended into Bastet’s Ice Cream of Vanilla Crystalline Cream, Butter accord, Caramel Accord, French Vanilla Bean Absolute, Vanilla Milk accord, Vanilla Orchid, Crystalline Absolute and Vanilla Sugar

Strawberry Shake Ice Cream – Strawberry accord, Coconut Cream, Vanilla-Soy accord blended into Bastet’s Ice Cream of Vanilla Crystalline Cream, Butter accord, Caramel Accord, French Vanilla Bean Absolute, Vanilla Milk accord, Vanilla Orchid, Crystalline Absolute and Vanilla Sugar.


If perfume is not in the drop-down, the item has sold out and will state so in the drop-down.  We create enough perfume with resources from around the world to deliver the best in a limited quantity in a limited time.  Once sold out, we will not restock.  These perfumes may return (unless stated otherwise) as a Resurgence the following year within the same season only if resources can be acquired for another batch.

If you have any allergies or sensitivity to a note or possibly to a created accord, it is advised not to purchase that particular perfume as we use natural essential oils, absolutes and resins in our perfume blends.  Ingredients listed per perfume are the ingredients used to create the perfume.  

Samples are not available for any Limited Collection due to the rarity and exclusivity to the blends for the season.

eNVie parfum saphir is the signature scent to our luxury perfume oil company, eNVie parfum (currently offline while we prepare for the move - see NEWS section for more info.).  Ingredients: Egyptian Amber & Musk Resin purified into natural notes of blue balsamic amber, sweet papyrus oil from Cairo and Siam benzoin that hints naturally of occurring warm and pure vanillin.  

COLORED BOTTLES- please do not change the lids for these special edition hand-painted bottles as these bottles have lids that are made exclusively for each other.  Do not take out inserts and recap as they are necessary for a sealed bottle (this also goes for any of our NA bottle inserts, the lids are all designed with that particular insert in mind).  Do not apply sticky tape to them if up for resell as this will damage the hand-painted bottles.  These bottles will provide years of beauty with simple care.  ALWAYS keep perfume bottles upright, no matter what perfume it is.  Gravity is not kind to liquid in any form.  Keep all perfume oil away from wood surfaces or where oil may not be suitable.  Keep away from small children, animals and your mouth, no matter how much it smells like cake.  -Thoth

Our unreleased perfume free sample from the Royal Sandalwood series is already sold out from this weekend’s Limited Collection orders but do not fret – it will arrive in a full Indigo bottle in the Summer! This unreleased perfume, Sandalwood Jasmine, will launch this summer along with the Summer Limited Collection. This weekend was tremendous, and all the Sandalwood Jasmine samples have already been spoken for. Those that do not receive a Sandalwood Jasmine in their Spring LE order will receive a different 2ml sample of equal beauty, we hope you enjoy!

RS: Sandalwood Jasmine – Royal Jasmine: Jasminum grandiflorum, Arabian Jasmine: Jasminum sambac, Pink Jasmine: Jasminum polyanthum, Black Cardamom, Red Indian Sandalwood, Jasmine-Musk accord, a tiny bit of aged Bastet’s Amber absolute, aged White Sandalwood in a bourbon Oakwood barrel with one swimming black clove.