Midnight Syndicate

Midnight Syndicate (4 types)

"When I caught my first scent of Mists of Arcacia, I knew Nocturne Alchemy would be a great partner. They definitely have mastered the art of crafting scents that transport you another place." ~Ed Douglas of Midnight Syndicate

"Music inspires us greatly in our Studio as we create perfume, and the atmosphere of Midnight Syndicate's symphonic journeys has always been a staple of our music library. It has been a pleasure to work with Ed Douglas and create perfumes from the world of Arcacia, haunted carnivals, things under the big top and imagining a moon-lit cemetery where a Vampyre cross acrosses the fog toward you. Atmosphere and music are an integral part of the equation of these perfumes. Just listen to the music in the video above and you'll begin to fall under a dark spell that Midnight Syndicate can place upon you." ~Emerson Hart

MS: Vampyre - As the cd Vampyre (Midnight Syndicate), begins...'Awakening' is the first track. When creating the atmosphere of the Vampyre awakening into the night, we wanted to evoke a ghostly residual of fog in scent that lifted with a touch of deep blood Red Musk. As the second track begins, 'Graveyard' - a touch of deep Black Hungarian Patchouli begins to envelope the perfume. The cd was the inspiration for this perfume and completed the equation for perfume by adding nuances of Vanilla, Bastet's Amber underneath that gave way for a need of a soft drizzle of White Pepper to balance and even out the feel of catacombs, ancient tomes and spectral masquerade.  The label is the cover to Midnight Syndicate's Vampyre and can be purchased at www.MidnightSyndicate.com 

MS: Carnival Arcane - Black Kettle Corn with tendrils of black spun sugar that weave, like a web, though ethereal funnel cakes drizzled with aged black Crystal vanilla musk, Crystalline Syrup and sweet & salty accords to build the background layer for this arcane carnival perfume. This perfume is built to age beautifully over time.  Listen to the album, Carnival Arcane by Midnight Syndicate (available at www.MidnightSyndicate.com), when wearing this as we have when we worked in the darkest hours of night in our Studio.

MS: Under the Big Top - Confection of sweet blue and pink cotton candy, a drop of black sugar, aged Vanilla syrup and a few rich drops of five year old aged Amber resin from the NA Studio. A perfume tincture of Black Saffron aged in an old wooden Egyptian mahogany barrel. The barrel was then left beneath the big top to become an ethereal rich and sweet treat for the clowns, for the things beneath the make-up and especially for the carnival specters. Gathering the energy of sugar when the audience settled and the lights slowly lifted the stage, hand-to-mouth frenzy of cotton candy began to take hold and the magic would begin.  For this label, Ed Douglas and Gavin Goszka haunt this label.

MS: Mists of Arcacia - Gothic tendrils of black incense lift across Arcacia as if the mists have begun to slowly fall upon the remains of a place long forgotten to the shadows. The woods around Arcacia are Black Cedar and Black Sandalwood that (together), give off a sweet wood scent that enraptures you as you find your path toward Arcacia. A kiss from a drop of Sapphire Amber and you will be under the spell of another Midnight Syndicate journey of music and perfume.  The Midnight Syndicate soundtrack: The Dead Matter - Cemetery Gates (also directed by Ed Douglas) was the soundtrack for us while creating this haunting perfume.

Please visit www.MidnightSyndicate.com for CDs and haunting merchandise for this Halloween (or any), Season.